Saturday, April 21, 2012

Young Justice 1.26 - Auld Acquaintance

Young Justice 1.26 - Auld Acquaintance

Brief Summary

The team discovers discovers shocking revelations about Red Arrow, Cadmus, and the plan to control the Justice League.

What I Liked

It was cool to see all the pieces from this season come together, and the showdown at the Watchtower was pretty cool.

The kisses at New Year's were cute.

Superboy's smile at finally getting Superman's approval.

Superboy and Robin teaming up.

What I Didn't Like

I'm not terribly thrilled that Red Arrow ended up being a clone. Even though the Roy everyone knew was the clone the entire time, so it's not like it changes the character for anyone, it means that there's another "real" Roy Harper out there.

Twists and Turns

Probably the biggest being that for the past three years, the Roy Harper everyone knew was a Cadmus clone. Roy was programed by Cadmus to leak information and was given orders through a certain code.

6 members of the Justice League went missing for 16 hours during the time they were under control, and there's no telling what they did during that time.


I like that Aqualad and Red Arrow were such close friends that Aqualad even told him about his heartbreak with Tula.

The New Year's kisses were cute, if somewhat unexpected. Megan and Conner were obvious, as was Artemis/KF. Zatanna pulled Robin in, and the new girl Rocket paired off with Aqualad.

The real Roy Harper is in Cadmus' control, and it looks like he's missing part of his right arm. Interesting, since I think Roy ends up losing an arm in the comics, and ends up with a prosthetic.

Is Guardian, Roy's uncle, in on the bad stuff Cadmus is doing? He must be. That would also explain how the real Roy was abducted and replaced without Green Arrow noticing. (Because that would be ridiculous otherwise!)

Robin pulled out the escrima sticks during his fight with Batman, Nightwing's signature weapons.

From the preview for next week, I spotted Blue Beetle, Cassie/Wondergirl, and someone who looked a bit like Robin, but with a different uniform and shorter hair.


I'm not sure how I feel about Red Arrow having been a clone. In reality, it doesn't matter, since the Red Arrow we knew on the show the whole time was the clone, and if Superboy is any indication, being a clone isn't inherently a bad thing. But I'm curious about the real Roy. The first season finale provided some closure on story arcs from this season, and left the door open for some new stories for S2, though, so overall it was a pretty good conclusion.

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