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Young Justice 1.25 - Usual Suspects

Young Justice 1.25 - Usual Suspects

Brief Summary

Five new members, including Red Arrow, are brought onto the Justice League. Meanwhile, with the help of a new team member Rocket, the team goes to confront Cheshire, and retrieve a mysterious briefcase she has in her possession.

What I Liked

Pretty much the whole team was present, save for Red Arrow, who had joined the Justice League, for this mission. I didn't really care for the last-minute introduction of Rocket, as I found her character to be somewhat annoying, but it wasn't really a big deal.

Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis all came clean about their secrets. This is only done after we see a scene where it looks like all three are joined up with the villains, so I was relieved that they weren't being stupid and had actually trusted the others. Robin already knew Artemis' secret, but it seems Superboy's Lex Luthor connection and Miss Martian's connection to Queen Bee were both pretty well-kept. (Although with Superboy slapping those patches on like no tomorrow in the last episode, I'm surprised no one noticed back then.)

What I Didn't Like

As mentioned above, I didn't really like Rocket, and I'm a little confused why she was thrown onto the team in the penultimate episode of the season. Also, the whole episode felt a little weird in the beginning. I was wondering if maybe I'd missed an episode or something, since Rocket isn't very well introduced.

I briefly mentioned the possibility of Roy being the mole on my review of Insecurity, and I essentially ruled it out because it wouldn't make sense. However, as it turns out, Roy was the mole. The only saving grace for me is that he seems to have been brainwashed, as he looks stunned when he realizes he's been the mole without even knowing it. This makes more sense of his actions in the previous episode, suddenly lifting suspicion on everyone else and declaring there is no mole. But one has to wonder when he was brainwashed to become the mole. We first learn about it in Targets, but I can't remember if it had been mentioned/a plot for an episode before that. I'm kind of annoyed that he turned out to be the mole, but since it's not like he was doing it on purpose, and it does make sense story-wise, I won't be too irritated by it!

Twists and Turns

Red Arrow was unknowingly the mole. He implants a chip into Batman, and Vandal Savage comes aboard the Watchtower. The whole league looks to be under control.


Roy seems to be aware of his actions now, and may possibly be the only one on the Watchtower not under control of those chips. I can only assume he'll try to contact the Young Justice team for help.

Somewhat of a spoiler, but I remember way back before the show even started that it was mentioned not everyone would survive. Arguably, Zatara has sort-of been a victim, although he is still alive. I could very well see someone dying in the finale, and Red Arrow looks like a prime target. He's not been a prominent team member for much of the season, and even though he didn't mean to be, since he was the mole, it would make sense that he'd be willing to do something extreme to redeem himself and save the others. I'm crossing my fingers he doesn't get killed off, though.


A good episode, with a little bit of a rough start. I'm not a huge fan of just jumping in and explaining along the way. I liked that Miss Martian, Superboy, and Artemis' stories all found a little bit of conclusion in their admitting their secrets. And while I'm not thrilled about Roy having been the mole, it's a nice twist and it mostly makes sense. I'm anxious to see how they're going to tie all this up.

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