Sunday, April 15, 2012

Young Justice 1.24 - Performance

Young Justice 1.24 - Performance

Brief Summary

Robin and the team go undercover at Haley's Circus to try to determine the cause of some mysterious thefts that have been happening in towns where the circus has been. Red Arrow continues to distrust Artemis, Superboy, and Miss Martian.

What I Liked

Robin's reactions to revisiting his home circus, the circus owner recognizing him at the end, and Robin's conversation with Kid Flash were all highlights. The episode didn't do a flashback to Robin's past or anything, which I feel like they could have made more of, but the reactions from Robin were nicely done, especially his insisting that the team keep an open mind about the circus leader's involvement.

It was nice to give the human characters a little more chance to shine, and without the use of Megan's telepathy, they actually had to use radios to communicate. They rely on her telepathy so much sometimes.

What I Didn't Like

Why in the world did Red Arrow just suddenly trust everyone? Superboy had been particularly weird this episode, slapping on one after another of those shields. I feel like he should have stayed suspicious.

Twists and Turns

It was a shapeshifter/power-stealer that was behind all the thefts.


Superboy was really using those shield's from Luthor to the max. Did he do like 3 or 4 in this episode alone? It's kind of like a drug or something, and he's keeping it from everyone else.

Aqualad and Zatanna were not in the episode. Kid Flash briefly appeared when he called Robin, and Robin explained he didn't want KF around since he knows about Robin's past connection to the circus, and didn't want him to question his objectivity in the case.


A good episode, but not my favorite. I wish they had made a little more use of Robin's past in terms of the overall episode, and also I don't understand why Red Arrow did a total 180 on his justifiable suspicion of the others.

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