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Young Justice 1.23 - Insecurity

Young Justice 1.23 - Insecurity

Brief Summary

Green Arrow persuades Roy to join up to the Young Justice team, thinking it would be a good example, and make him look better for joining up to the Justice League. However, Artemis is upset that now there are two archers on the team, and because her mother reveals that she was initially added to the team partially to keep her out of trouble. When the team heads off on a mission to track down Sportsmaster, Artemis goes off-book trying to prove her worth.

What I Liked

Well for starters, Red Arrow finally joined the team! He's definitely my favorite second to Robin, so this makes me happy, for sure. And while he's still not the most chipper member, he's a team player and the others respect him. Interestingly, it almost seemed like he was playing the leader on the mission, even though technically that's Aqualad's role.

I also liked that Green Arrow is still looking out for him, and that the two seem on good terms.

Wally trying to cheer Artemis up. He did a good job, too. It's nice to see Wally's softer side, when he's not just tossing one-liners and being the comic relief.

Cheshire's interactions with Red Arrow amuse me. I know in the comics the two had a thing, so I get that it's probably in reference to that, but her advances on him (purely theatrical or otherwise) have him so bewildered, it's fun to watch, especially when Artemis actually questions whether or not they're dating, and he quickly denies.

What I Didn't Like

Artemis is definitely not a favorite character of mine, but she's just so stupid sometimes! Why was she trying to complete the mission on her own? Following the rest of the team seemed like a much better idea. And that said, why didn't she just reveal to the team about her family ties in the beginning? Or before this mission? It's not like she's the only one who has "family" baggage. (Superboy is a half-Lex Luthor clone! Not that he's telling anyone, of course...) Yes, it might put her at risk of being distrusted for a little while, but when this news comes out now, after she's mislead the team so she could try to bag the bad guys on her own, she's going to look even worse. It's hard to feel sorry for her, because it's really all her fault. Why she doesn't actually lean on the team a bit is beyond me. There's nothing wrong with being the newbie and getting some help.

Twists and Turns

I feel like we already essentially knew this, but Cheshire is Artemis' sister, and Sportsmaster is Artemis' father.

Artemis misled the team so she could take on Cheshire and Sportsmaster herself. The plan failed anyway, since Red Arrow was trailing her.


Red Arrow doesn't trust Artemis, and with good reason. However, I doubt she's the mole. She's being confronted by her villainous family, but not giving them info. Frankly, I think Superboy is the mole without evening knowing it. (He has a psychic link with Lex, who can shut him down with just two words, after all.)

Zatanna, Megan, and Conner are becoming a bit of a trio, since all three live at the headquarters. Their side story about finding out what Red Tornado's apartment was like was a little silly, but it's nice that they're kind of bonding. You'd think Zatanna might feel like a third wheel sometimes, though, since Megan and Conner are dating. (Come to think of it, creatively that might be why they got another team member to live there, so it wasn't just the two of them living in the same place with only Red Tornado around.)

Robin was MIA, working on a case with Batman. I think he's missed the most episodes out of any of the team members, excluding ones who weren't there from the start.

It was kind of sad that Wally had started really bonding with Artemis, and then totally shut her down after learning that she misled them all. Also, I didn't even recognize him at first in that new costume! It wasn't until the next scene that I realized it was just him, and not some random other hero who had stepped in.

Artemis looked over as Cheshire was (forcibly) kissing Red Arrow. Does she actually think something is going on between the two, or was that cleared up? Might have to re-watch to see if it's clarified. If she does think there's something going on, I could see her being quick to point the finger at him for being the mole. I think we can pretty much rule out Arrow, Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad, though. (I don't think they can twist it any way to have Roy have been the mole and have it make sense, but if they do somehow go that route, I'm going to be pissed.)


A really good episode! Artemis continues to annoy me with her stupid decisions, but I'm definitely thrilled to have Red Arrow on the team.

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