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Young Justice 1.21 - Image

Young Justice 1.21 - Image

Brief Summary

Robin is appointed leader for a mission that takes the group to Qurac, trying to determine why Queen Bee has the president of a neighboring nation agreeing to combine into one country. While en route, the group meets up with an 8-year old Garfield Logan and his mother, who used to star in a TV show "Hello Megan!"

What I Liked

The opening with Black Canary and Green Arrow was amusing. He was outraged when he thought she'd been kissing Superboy, but then found the whole thing funny when it turned out to just be Miss Martian shape-shifting. Canary was less-than-pleased.

Learning more about Miss Martian. She has a very interesting backstory, and it's nice to finally understand where her sometimes annoying catch-phrase comes from.

Robin acting as leader. It's nice to get a glimpse of what he's like when he's in leader-mode, and interestingly, he's a little less chipper about it than you would have thought.

I had a heads-up from a friend that Gar, better known as Beast Boy, was going to be making an appearance in the episode, and it was fun. I hope he'll return in future episodes, especially considering this one ended on a bit of a cliffhanger.

What I Disliked

Nothing! It was another really good episode.

Twists and Turns

Miss Martian isn't a green martian as she has led everyone to believe, but a white martian.

Queen Bee knows her secret and is presumably going to blackmail her.

Gar's eye colored had changed to green by the end of the episode. Shades of things to come?


As noted above, I wonder if Miss Martian giving Gar her blood will trigger his change into the shape-shifting Beast Boy? I'm not sure where the green in his eyes is coming from, though, since Miss Martian isn't really a green martian. It could be because she was shifting herself to appear as one, though. At any rate, that's an interesting (presumably new) back-story for the character.

This was a really interesting episode. I liked learning more about Miss Martian, and you really got a sense of the loneliness she felt and how she clung to the "Hello Megan!" show as she was growing up. You can also see why she's so thrilled with such mundane things as going to school, baking, and being on the cheerleading squad. Interesting in that she was actually the one who suggested "Conner" for a name when Superboy was thinking of one, saying how she'd always liked it, when it turns out Conner was the name of Megan's boyfriend in the show. She's living out her fantasy dream of being her favorite TV character, and I can understand why she continues to lie out of fear that she'll lose everyone close to her if she reveals her true identity. Unfortunately, the truth is probably going to come out sooner or later, and it would be much better coming from her than from someone else.

Kid Flash was dropping some major hints that he knows Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same person, and you can see Robin trying to shut him up. Looks like Robin has spilled the beans on his secret identity to his buddy.

Robin is a very serious leader. No word plays or jokes from him on this mission. I wonder if it's because he's trying his best not to screw up, or if he really isn't happy playing that part anymore. He wanted to be the leader early in the season, but after the whole Failsafe scenario, he realized that he didn't want to become a Batman-like person who had to send friends to their doom in order to accomplish a mission.

The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger, which was unusual. What has Queen Bee done to Gar? What does she want Megan to do for her in order to keep the secret that she is a white martian?

Artemis, Aqualad, and Zatanna were all MIA for this mission. Aqualad was working with Aquaman, but no reason was given for why the two girls weren't joining.


Another really solid episode! I'm enjoying learning more about the characters so much. I liked Kid Flash more after last week's episode, and Miss Martian has grown on me a bit more after this week's.

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