Sunday, March 11, 2012

Young Justice 1.20 - Coldhearted

Young Justice 1.20 - Coldhearted

Brief Summary

It's Wally's 16th birthday, and he's thrilled when it seems he's finally going to get to join in on a Justice League mission. He's less-than-thrilled when it turns out he's the only one on the team who has been assigned a separate mission: delivering a heart across the country in 4 hours for a young girl who needs a transplant. Along the way, he runs into some trouble from people who want to stop him from reaching his destination on-time.

What I Liked

First off, remember how last entry I was talking about how I wanted to see more of the character's lives? Well, I think this episode definitely did that! I liked seeing some of Wally's non-Kid Flash life, and even though most of the other characters didn't feature prominently, it was a great episode for getting to know him a little better. He was frustrating me to death when he stopped to fight Vandal Savage, and I was relieved when it turned out the young girl hadn't actually died. (I thought that was kind of sad and strange.)

I also liked everyone's "snow" versions of their costumes.

What I Didn't Like

I really liked this episode! So no complaints, even though it was mostly just about Wally.

Twists and Turns

Wally had the news falsely report that the queen had died in order to get Count Vertigo to confess to his plan.


I'm glad someone finally told Wally that Megan was dating Conner. It was so painfully obvious. Artemis seemed to relish getting to tell him, and her annoyed look in the beginning when he's flirting with Megan seems to indicate to me she might like him a bit.


A really good episode. My sister, who has missed quite a few of the recent episodes, was also watching with me, and she seemed to equally enjoy it as well. A really solid story, and I liked getting to focus a bit more on Wally as a character. Hopefully we'll have similar episodes for the other characters coming up.

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