Thursday, March 8, 2012

Young Justice 1.19 - Misplaced

Young Justice 1.19 - Misplaced

Brief Summary

Klarion the witch boy is back, and he's casting a spell with some other sorcerers that make all the adults in the world suddenly vanish. At the same time in another realtiy, however, all the children have vanished, leaving the Justice League stumped. The Young Justice team must coordinate with Billy Batson/Captain Marvel, who is able to transfer between the two worlds due to his unique abilities, and the Justice League, to figure out how to bring down the sorcerers.

What I Liked

And the show is finally back! I feel like we haven't had new episodes in ages. I enjoyed the story, and I really liked getting a know a little bit more about Billy/Captain Marvel. He's just sort of the comic relief sometimes, it was nice to see him be helpful.

I'm a little indifferent to Zatanna officially joining the team, but it was heading in that direction, and it's nice to have another girl on the team. I would have honestly prefered they introduce Wonder Girl instead, though.

What I Didn't Like

Even though this is only the second time they've resorted to using the Dr. Fate helmet, I feel like we've seen it too much. (It was what won them the battle in Revalation, too.) The effects were permanent this time, though. I thought Zatara was interesting, so it's a little sad to see him taken over. I hope they can rescue him at some point, although Dr. Fate seemed pretty intent on staying.

Maybe I missed something, but what were the witches/sorcerers trying to accomplish by splitting the worlds?

Twists and Turns

Zatanna uses the Dr. Fate helmet to win the battle, and Zatara makes a deal with Dr. Fate so he will be the host instead of his daughter.

Zatana joins the team and moves into the tower.


I think Robin has a soft spot for Zatanna. He was sort of flirting with her back in Humanity, and he tosses a look back at her at the end of this episode when she asks to be alone. I could see the two of them bonding a bit, especially considering Robin's parents are dead. (Even though Zatara is not dead, he's pretty much unaccessible right now.)

Nice continuity in that I believe Wally's still got his arm in a cast from Revalation. The timestamps on the episodes indicate only one month has passed between the episodes, so it's cool that they're paying attention to things like that. I also like that they mentioned Red Arrow when they were trying to find people to help. It's nice that the show doesn't just forget that people exist, even when they don't show up in every episode. Also, we saw another glimpse of Barbara Gordon in Gotham City. As a fan of Batgirl, I'd love to see more of her.

Personally, I'd like to see less entire-world disaster scenarios on the show (the team is supposed to be covert-ops missions!) and focus a little more on the lives of our heroes. I can't help but compare the show to X-men: Evolution a little bit, since they both focused on groups of younger super heroes. (Although admittedly the X-men team comprised of slightly older teens and were treated more like adults to begin with.) X-men also showed a lot of the character's personal lives, which I enjoyed. More little glimpses like we saw in Downtime and Homefront would be fun, especially regarding Red Arrow. Where is he even living these days?


A good episode. It's nice to bolster the female ranks of the team, and while I'm sad to see Zatara go, I'm glad the Dr. Fate helmet is no longer an option. (Of course, now they can just call on Fate himself, but still.)


  1. quick comment: the reason why Klarion and his group of sorcerers did the whole world-separation-swap thingie in the first place was so that Sportsmaster could break in and steal the sample of Starro

    1. Ah, you're right! Thank you, I had forgotten about that.