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The Vampire Diaries 3.16 - 1912

The Vampire Diaries 3.16 - 1912

Brief Summary

Rebekah is trying to find the location of the white oak tree, without much luck. She hangs around Stefan and Damon trying to get answers, but the brothers are talking about the murders and how they could be connected to a vampire they knew back in the day, Sage. Meanwhile, Alaric has been arrested on suspicion of being the murderer after Meredith shoots him, and Elena and Matt try to find information that will prove his innocence.

What I Liked

First off, I know I have about 4 episodes worth of back-entries to write. I'll try to get them up! I did love Elijah showing back up again, and I was a little sad he's already left town again.

Elena and Matt. They're cute together, and I like thinking of the two of them as ending up together in the future.

Damon. Even when he's back to being the "badder" brother, he's really not that bad. Damon wasn't trying to kill people in the past sequences we saw, and he wasn't trying to kill anyone that night, either. He's trying to help Stefan learn to drink in moderation.

What I Didn't Like

I don't mind them bringing Alaric into the fold more, but I don't like the realization that he could sudddenly be the murderer because the ring is making him crazy. Ring making him crazy could be a good plot, and tie in well with what we know of Jonathon Gilbert. But murderer?

Twists and Turns

Obviously the big one that Alaric might be committing the murders.

Samantha Gilbert was the murderer in the past, not Sage.


Meredith asked to be let in, and she always seems to have vampire blood around to heal people. I'm thinking she might be a vampire herself. I'll go one step further and guess that she might actually be Samantha Gilbert, the vampire from the past. Damon thought she was dead, but clearly she wasn't if she was the murderer. So she must have become a vampire. And that would explain why Meredith had the Samantha Gilbert journal. Even if she turns out not to be Samantha Gilbert herself, I'm thinking odds are Meredith knew her in the past and is indeed a vampire.


A good episode, but I'm not sure I like the Alaric plotline.

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