Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Scarf Reviews Community!

That's right! Little Scarf Girl will now be reviewing Community starting when it returns next week, March 15th, at 8PM on NBC. Again, for the others, I won't be doing any "back-reviewing" of former episodes aired, but I will tell a bit about my stance for the show.

I only recently caught up on the show back in October, but its quirky humor and fun characters quickly grew on me. The first episode I watched was Remedial Chaos Theory, which is actually somewhat confusing, but it definitely got me hooked on the show's zany humor. It's a show that never takes itself too seriously, but yet still manages to be heartfelt at times. While there is romance, it never takes over, instead playing under the surface or in the background. While I like interactions between Jeff and Annie, Community itself isn't a show that really is made to explore relationships, so I'm happy to just watch for the little moments. Troy and Abed's friendship is another huge fun part of the show, and I'm excited to see what antics they continue to get up to when the show comes back. My favorite characters are Jeff, Annie, and Abed, though the only characters I really don't care for are Britta, Pierce, and Chang. (And even they're not so bad.)

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