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How I Met Your Mother 7.19 - The Broath

How I Met Your Mother 7.19 - The Broath

Brief Summary

Barney makes Ted promise not to tell the others that Quinn is a stripper, which Ted promptly turns around and does. The gang then get to meet Quinn, and are not happy to see she is bossing Barney around and generally being a controlling jerk. When they plot an intervention, however, Quinn walks in on it and breaks up with Barney for feeling the need to hide her profession.

What I Liked

Ted living in the dorms should have been explored more, but I think the concept is funny.

Ted running into the bar right after promising Barney he wouldn't tell and blurting it out to everyone else.

The term "Quinntervention," and Marshall's continued use of wanting to put "Quinn" in front of words like "interest."

Robin and Ted's chat about wanting to go back to normal.

Lily getting a little too into her kiss with Robin.

What I Didn't Like

That the episode was essentially a long joke at everyone's expense, played by Barney and Quinn. 90% of what we saw was them acting.

The fight with Quinn, fake or not, was super awkward and weird.

That Quinn is very eager is to use Barney's friends for her own amusement. Making them kiss each other, and having Ted and Robin fight over her apartment were her ideas.

That just because Barney and Quinn knew how they'd react and played it against them suddenly made all of the gang's concerns invalid.

That we still aren't seeing any emotions on Robin's end regarding Barney, not even friendship. She's concerned over her loss of Ted as a friend, but doesn't bat an eye about Barney, who she was supposedly in love with.

Marshall's sex stories. Not cool, especially because what can Lily do about it? Once it's out there, it's out there...

Barney referring to himself as the devil. That's just odd.

Twists and Turns

It looks like Quinn is a total bitch, but it's actually just that she and Barney pull a long play on the rest of the gang.

Quinn and Barney decide to move in together.

Robin gets a promotion and a new apartment.

Ted is moving into Quinn's apartment.


I feel like the only reason we're not seeing Robin's reactions to all this is that we're going to get an "Of Course"-style flashback toward the end of the season. We'll suddenly see, "Oh, Robin really was in love with him the whole time!" and it'll be a big shock to everyone. At this point, they're so far downplaying the history between Barney and Robin it's nonexistent.

I don't feel like Barney's very sincere when he's around Quinn, especially in the fake scenes. I know they were meant to be fake, but still. Also, why the big play on the gang anyway? Just to mess with them? Seems like Quinn is all sorts of a bad influence on Barney.

I also still think Quinn is pulling one over on Barney. Moving in anyway, and subtly hinting that she'd quit her stripping job if she got married? Something's going on here.


Not that funny, and since most of what we saw between Quinn and Barney was an act, we still don't know much about her other than that she likes creating chaos. Objectively, she's sassy and clever, and she and Barney definitely have some common ground. But it's pushed way too fast. Also, why are we only told about Robin's achievements and not shown? That would have made a better subplot than Marshall and Lily's sex stories.

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