Monday, March 26, 2012

Community 3.12 - Contemporary Impressionists

Community 3.12 - Contemporary Impressionists

Brief Summary

Abed has amassed a huge debt from a celebrity impersonation company, and the study group agree to work for the company as impersonators at a Bar Mitzvah in order to pay it off. Meanwhile, Jeff is taking anti-anxiety medication, but it's causing his narcissism to blow through the roof.

What I Liked

Everyone dressed up as the impersonators. I loved the comment about Britta and Troy being able to both play Michael Jackson.

The dean falling over and spazzing at Jeff's sunglasses look.

Britta as Michael Jackson.

And again, the difference between "not liking a plot" vs. "not liking how it was executed, Troy and Abed's scene at the end was very sad, especially because it's not clear that everything is okay between them. Abed wanted to go play in the Dreamatorium alone, and didn't do their special handshake. Troy seemed frustrated trying to talk sense into him.

Evil!Abed showing up in the imaginary plane.

Pierce getting excited over being recognized as "fat" Burt Reynolds.

What I Didn't Liked

Chang's storyline with his army wasn't great, and I don't really care for some of the cartoony add-ins, such as the thought bubbles. I didn't mind the Ego apple as much, but it still was a little jarring.

Twists and Turns

Evil!Abed can't be anything but trouble.

Jeff kissed Shirley when he was up on the stage and flipping out!

Chang seems to be enlisting kids to his "army" to overthrow the dean.


I saw some people complaining about Britta's advice to Jeff about not taking the pills anymore, saying that she shouldn't be more qualified to make decisions than Jeff's therapist. While I'm not sure the show was really even thinking that deeply, what I got from it was that they were trying to say that there is no magic pill that will cure all your problems when you take it. They took it to a comical extreme by having the pill work too well, but the same principle applies, I think. There is no "quick fix" for problems, and Jeff's willingness to just keep popping pills wasn't good.

I'm hoping the tension between Troy and Abed will resolve itself shortly. I like those two too much as friends, and it was heartbreaking seeing them in a bit of a tiff.


A solid episode. Not my favorite, again, but still pretty fun.

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