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The Big Bang Theory - Episdoes 7.11 - 7.18

The Big Bang Theory - Episdoes 7.11 - 7.18

Brief Summary

It's difficult to feel motivated to review this show since I feel like nothing really ever happens. The only real plotline we have right now is Bernadette and Howard's wedding, and the big question surrounding it - where will they live after getting married - hasn't been answered, even though it's been a plotpoint in I think two different episodes already. There's no denying funny things happen, but it's not the same as HIMYM or even Community, where things actually happen. So in short, I'm going to do a mass review of the past 8 episodes!

What I Liked

Amy's reaction to Sheldon buying her a tiara in The Shiny Trinket Manuever was cute. I also liked Bernadette and Howard's magic show.

The Recombination Hypothesis is the closest to moving the plot forward this show really gets, and while it was interesting, essentially that whole scenario that played out over the episode never really happened. Penny and Leonard sort-of dating again is good, though. I feel like they're "sort-of dating" all the time, anyway.

The best part of The Beta Test Initiation was Sheldon and Amy doing the podcast about Fun With Flags.

Leonard trying to avoid saying that Penny beat him in chess was great in The Werewolf Transformation.

What I Didn't Like

The aforementioned "nothing ever happens on this show" is my big stickler. But there's also just a lot of not-funny stuff going on.

Amy's kookiness is endearing up to a point, but the whole thing about her giving Penny a giant painting of the two of them in The Rothman Disintegration was a little ridiculous. The other plot from that episode, Sheldon wanting the office of the retiring professor, felt stale.

The Vacation Solution could have been really funny, with Sheldon being a general pain while trying to work with Amy in her lab, but nothing really stood out for me. Also, the subplot of Howard not wanting to sign a prenup was kind of dumb. Similarly, The Friendship Contraction just sort of fell flat overall, with Sheldon being a pain to Leonard, again, and Howard wanting a cool nickname from his fellow astronauts.

Twists and Turns

The only twists in the last 8 episodes have been that Penny and Leonard start dating again, and Howard finds out Bernadette doesn't really like kids.


I know a lot of shows (especially sitcoms) don't really have a set "goal" of where they're going. But I feel like the best shows usually have enough plotlines or character development or hanging threads to keep you engaged anyway. If nothing really happens, why should you care about the characters? You want to see them grow and change and adapt to the various things that life throws at them. HIMYM is an easy one to point out the plots and threads, since there actually is a goal in mind for the show. Community also has the goal of seeing its characters through their four years of college. But even shows like Parks and Rec, which really doesn't have a "goal," has plotlines such as Leslie's campaign, the funding being cut to the department, and subplots such as Tom's attempts to start a business, to keep you invested in what's going on. Similarly Frasier had slight changes to the lives of its characters over the years, and ongoing subplots throughout the episodes and seasons that kept things interesting. Not all shows have to have tight continuity and reoccuring themes, of course, but I feel like those things make them better and more relatable.


As I said, The Big Bang Theory is a fun laugh for a minute at times. But somwhen it's not funny, you're left watching a show with characters that never progress or change, and will probably be doing the same things 2 or 3 seasons from now. Granted that might be part of its draw, so in that regard, it might be succeeding. It's certainly is a big ratings hit.

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