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How I Met Your Mother 7.18 - Karma

How I Met Your Mother 7.18 - Karma

Brief Summary

Barney is intent on getting Quinn to date him, even after learning she's a stripper. However, what he doesn't realize is that he's being played. Robin keeps a journal as she stays with Marshall and Lily in Long Island, and finds herself feeling suffocated by their suburban lifestyle. Ted tries to come up with a use for Robin's room.

What I Liked

Robin keeping the journal about the oddities of suburban life was fun. Marshall and Lily really seemed like how they were in "The Sexless Inkeeper" and "Dual Citizenship," as the globbed together married couple. I liked that they admitted they weren't happy at the end, though, because that was pretty pathetic! ("8:45 ... time to turn in!")

Ted's various uses for Robin's room were fun, however, I guess while Robin's "ghost" haunting the room made sense, I didn't quite feel their conversation. (I feel like Ted needs to stop dwelling on Robin so much. He didn't even take her moving out the first time that hard.) Ted smoking meat, making furniture, and making/painting pottery was hilarious, though.

The end where Ted gives the apartment to Marshall and Lily. I had a feeling that they might move back into the apartment as the episode was drawing to a close, but it hadn't occured to me that Ted might give it all to them. That was a sweet gesture, and it brings Marshall and Lily closer to the action again. It also gives Ted a chance to spread his wings and get out of the place where he's been for some 10 years now.

What I Didn't Like

Barney going after Quinn was to be expected, but why was he so gullible about it? Surely he knows how strippers operate by now. Even Ted could see right through it.

Twists and Turns

Marshall and Lily are moving back to the city, into Ted and Marshall's old apartment, no less!


Interestingly, in the first season episode The Duel, Marshall and Ted fight over who gets to keep the apartment with Marshall and Lily get married. Marshall says he would use the extra room for a possible baby. Funny that here six years later, they're going to be doing just that! And since they're not taking their old room back (but rather using it as the baby's room) it should have a different feel to it for them than when it was their apartment in their 20s. I'm interested to see how they decorate it. I'm also curious if the swords were on the wall in that episode, or if they've been taken down for a while. I need to double-check.

Robin and Ted are both without an apartment now. I'd like to see Ted crash with Barney for a bit while he looks for a new place. Robin I'd like to see crash at Patrice's, haha.

I'm not really piqued by Quinn's story anymore. She doesn't seem to be the same stripper from S3, and she's obviously not very nice and was just using Barney. (Probably still is, even though she seems friendly and genuine in the end.) Does anyone seriously think this is the woman Barney is going to marry? Didn't think so.


Not a bad episode. Definitely gets things moving in a new direction. I'm excited to see Marshall and Lily back in the city and in the old apartment. I'm excited to see where Ted and Robin end up living.

But I can't help but feel like this whole season has just been a lot of flip-flopping and back-and-forth: Barney loves Nora, Robin pines for Barney, Robin dates Kevin, Marshall and Lily move to the suburbs, Barney breaks up with Nora, Robin rejects Barney, Robin gets serious with Kevin, Robin breaks up with Kevin, Ted loves Robin again, Robin rejects Ted again, Marshall and Lily move back to the city, Barney loves Quinn ...

And not much emphasis on Ted. So here's hoping Ted's story gets a jumpstart, and we can get through Barney's new love interest relatively painlessly.

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