Monday, February 20, 2012

How I Met Your Mother 7.17 - No Pressure

How I Met Your Mother 7.17 - No Pressure

Brief Summary

After Ted tells Robin he loves her, she leaves for a business trip to Russia, and Ted is left to discuss the possibility of their getting back together with the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, Barney becomes convinced Marshall and Lily have a sex tape, after finding a box of theirs labeled "Long Term Bets."

What I Liked

Wow, this episode was such an improvement over the past few.

The "Long Term Bets" box that Marshall and Lily had, and the subsequent flashbacks involving it and the bets.

Barney's confessing to Ted what happened back in November, and why he's not going after Robin anymore.

Ted's telling Robin that he can't have the 40-year pact anymore.

Marshall telling Robin she needs to move out.

What I Didn't Like

Robin. I still don't like the way they're portraying her! Why did she go and kiss Ted at the beginning, and almost lead him on? It was good she admitted she didn't love him, but even she was wanting to keep that 40-year deal out there. She's been so all over the place this season with men, first with Barney, then Kevin, and now Ted. She's a mess! And I feel like she really does need to spend some time away from the gang.

Twists and Turns

We actually saw a brief snippet of Ted and the mother on one of their first dates!

Barney tells Ted what happened back in November.

Robin moves out of the apartment.


I like that Barney isn't going after Robin. She hurt him, and the ball is completely in her court if she wants to get back together. His conversation with Ted was so sincere ... a rarity for Barney. He really has matured a lot.

Marshall still refused to pay up on the bet that Lily made that Robin and Ted won't get back together. Is this just on principle, or is there another piece to that bet that we're not privy to at the moment?

Ted's got an empty room in the apartment now. Wonder if it'll stay empty? I can't think of who would move in with him, though.


A very solid return to form! It felt like such an old-school episode of HIMYM, with the callbacks to Ted getting let at the altar, and of the blue french horn. Continuity was definitely in full-force tonight. Here's hoping things stay interesting, and that Robin figures herself out soon.

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