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How I Met Your Mother 7.16 - The Drunk Train

How I Met Your Mother 7.16 - The Drunk Train

Brief Summary

Barney and Ted ride the Drunk Train, the last train between Long Island and Manhattan. But although Ted is looking to play the field, Barney has his mind on a new girl he met recently, Quinn. Marshall and Lily go to a bed and breakfast with Kevin and Robin, where Kevin pops the big question.

What I Liked

The "Just Screaming" play that Lily forced Marshall to attend.

Everyone's comments about what Marshall and/or Lily said on their wedding night.

Quinn, surprisingly. She's sassy and attractive, I can understand why Barney is intrigued, and the idea that she's really Karma the stripper is intriguing. (There's mention of a Karma who's "stripping in Vegas" in Season 3's "The Bracket.") If she really is the same person, there's the potential for some backstory that could be interesting. Also, right off the bat, we know she's cunning, and most-likely just using Barney. No false pretenses.

What I Disliked

This episode was otherwise a hot mess. Where do I even begin?

1.) Kevin proposing to Robin. I was like, "No...." when he did. And I was even more baffled when she accepted. Robin has been portrayed always as being against marriage. And not to mention, she hasn't treated Kevin as anything more than the "safe" boyfriend. She's never even said she loves him. Why in the hell would she accept his proposal of marriage?! Especially when she's cheated on him?

2.) I appreciated that Robin was upfront with Kevin and told him flat out she never wanted kids. And it did drive him away. But I'm unhappy that that was the straw that broke the relationship. Not because she realized she was just stringing him along and didn't really have deep feelings. Not because she fessed up to having cheated on him. Because of her no-kids policy. Because of that, we're left to believe she would have married the guy otherwise? That she really, honestly wanted to be married to him??

3.) TED. What the hell, Ted? I know he's coming from a depressed, desperate state. And I'd like to think part of it is just him feeling bad for Robin on top of that. But we don't need to seriously address Ted's feelings for Robin again. Doing it this late in the game is damaging to his character. He needs to move on, or his epic romance with the mother isn't going to feel believable.

4.) Is it just me, or did this episode bounce from scene to scene with almost no transition? It was all over the place. One minute they're at the B&B, the next minute they're back at Robin's apartment talking wedding plans. What day is it? How much time has passed? Who the hell knows.

Twists and Turns

Kevin proposed.

Robin spills the infertility secret to Kevin, Marshall, Lily, and presumably Ted.

Robin accepts the proposal, but after seriously telling Kevin she never wants children, he breaks up with her.

Quinn is actually a stripper from the Lusty Leopard, who has been mentioned before, and seems to know Barney.


I honestly have no idea what the writers are thinking these days. This shown has thrown rhyme and reason out the window, and seem to be playing for shocks over quality storytelling. At this point, the most promising storyline is Quinn's, even though right from the start we know she's trouble and would never want Barney to seriously end up with her.

Robin as a character has been damaged practically beyond repair. And Ted needs to get a grip, and move on. And Marshall and Lily need some real storylines.


Terrible, terrible episode. Started funny, and then quickly descended into baffling, out-of-character, incoherent drama.

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