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The Vampire Diaries - 3.11 - Our Town

The Vampire Diaries - 3.11 - Our Town

Brief Summary

It's Caroline's 18th birthday, but she's not too excited about it. As a vampire, she doesn't age, so technically she'll be 17 forever. Elena, Bonnie, and Matt decide to hold a "funeral" party instead of a birthday party, complete with cake, candles, and a brief obituary. Meanwhile, Damon tries to convince Stefan to give into Klaus, but Stefan has other ideas of tipping the war in his favor.

What I Liked

Caroline's birthday was cute. I like when the high school gang hangs out with each other. And maybe it's because I've been persuaded into the thinking that Elena just might end up with Matt when all this is over, but I thought I saw something between them for a split-second tonight. (Most-likely just friendship, but even so, it's nice.)

Klaus chatting with Caroline was kind of nice, actually. Not sure what the bracelet gift is implying, though. Does Klaus suddenly have a thing for her? She does sort of resemble Rebecca, actually. Maybe a replacement for his sister, since Klaus doesn't seem willing to wake her up?

What I Didn't Like

Stefan is frustrating to watch these days. He's off his rocker, and we know it's not because of compulsion or anything. When he shows up unexpectedly behind someone, now my reaction is mixed between, "Oh, it's just Stefan." and "Oh no, it's Stefan!" since you just don't know what he's going to do. Threatening to turn Elena into a vampire was low.

Why does Elena push Damon away and say that it's not right? Certainly she should feel no loyalty to Stefan at this point. I don't know how much time has passed on the show, but it's got to be at least mid-fall/winter. I could see her not wanting to be with Damon on other merits, but Stefan can't continue to be the implied excuse.

Don't like Jeremy leaving, but hopefully he'll return soon.

Twists and Turns

Stefan threatens to turn Elena into a vampire in order to force Klaus' hand.

Klaus compells Tyler to bite Caroline, which he does by accident.

Klaus then saves Caroline's life with his blood.


Tyler's behavior is still annoyed even if it isn't exactly his fault. He can't control himself when Klaus orders him to do something. It's like permanent compulsion. Maybe vervane would help?

Dr. Fell seems very suspicious, especially because her boyfriend ended up staked at the end of the episode. What's up with that?


Not a bad episode. I liked the scenes having to do with Caroline's birthday, and the scene toward the end with Matt and Elena. However, I think they need to shake up the cast soon. Klaus isn't threatening anymore. There's no "bad guy" around, unless you count Stefan. I think we need a new villian on the scene or things are going to get a bit stagnant.

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