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The Vampire Diaries 3.10 - The New Deal

The Vampire Diaries 3.10 - The New Deal

Brief Summary

Stefan has stolen Klaus' family, and the original is not happy about it. Stefan has Bonnie contact the dead witches to help hide the coffins, while Alaric and Elena worry about Jeremy's safety as he begins hanging out with hybrid Tyler more. Damon and Stefan have a confrontation, in which Damon learns why Stefan betrayed them. When Elena proves unhelpful in finding the coffins, Klaus decides to send a message.

What I Liked

I was glad to see Jeremy and Alaric have more of a role, especially when it comes to them as a family. They've been kind of scattered lately, so it's nice to see them try to acknowledge that they're an "atypical family."

Damon's been very helpful lately, and it's interesting to see that he's almost glad when it seems Stefan has turned completely on them, as it mediates his own guilt about liking Elena. He finds out this isn't the case, though, and tells Elena as much. But then he bites the bullet and goes in for a kiss anyway.

What I Didn't Like

While it is in the best interest for Jeremy to leave town, I don't want him to be gone for too long! He's been a cast member since the beginning, and he was seriously starting to become a bit bad-ass. (Crossbow? Cutting off hybrid heads?) I doubt he'd be thrilled that he was compelled to do it, but earlier in the episode he really did sound like he wanted out.

Klaus is still a bit dull to me. How is it that he can track down everyone except Stefan? Let's wake up some of the original relatives (especially Elijah!) already.

Twists and Turns

Klaus has Jeremy under compulsion, and nearly gets him hit by a car.

Stefan enlists Bonnie's help to hide the coffins.

Alaric and Elena have Damon compell Jeremy to leave town.

Damon kisses Elena.


Elena should definitely know Damon is into her by now. (I have a feeling she's known for a long time, though.)

The ring that Alaric wears saved him from being hit by a car because it was driven by a supernatural being? Just trying to keep the powers on that thing straight. I also recall him muttering something about Damon's blood saving him, although we never saw a scene where that happened. Is his ring not fully healing him anymore?

Caroline and Matt were both MIA this episode.


A good episode with a cute ending. Interested to see where this is going!

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