Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Sitcom Night 1

It's Sitcom Night

Because I've recently gotten into an older show in addition to the ones I regularly follow, and because I'd like to keep this blog a little more diverse and fresh, I've decided to start mini recapping some instances of what my family calls "Sitcom Night." Everyone goes over to my parent's place and chooses an episode of any sitcom they want, and we watch. There's 5 of us, so it's usually 5 shows.

Little Scarf Girl's Pick: Frasier 5.09 - Perspectives on Christmas

Brief Summary: It's Christmas, but Frasier and his family/friends are not having a good time of it. Martin can't hit the high note in the song for Christmas pageant he's in, a case of miscommuncation leaves Daphne thinking Martin is dying, Niles gets stuck in an elevator and ends up ruining his new suit, and Frasier accidentally lets it slip to Roz's mother that she's pregnant ... before Roz has a chance to tell her! The entire episode is told from four different perspectives as each of Frasier's friends retell their story while enjoying a massage - their Christmas gift from Frasier.

Overall: I picked this episode, so naturally I liked it! I've recently gotten into Frasier, and am really enjoying the stories and characters. It's got subtle, witty humor (although plenty of slapstick thrown in there, too) and everyone plays off each other very well. In this particular episode, I liked the use of the flashbacks, and how certain things were different depending on who was remembering it. (Like how Daphne is completely oblivious to the romantic implications of Niles' comment about her being under the mistletoe, and takes random statements from Frasier and Martin out-of-context to further her belief that Martin is dying.)

Guitar Player Boy's Pick: The Simpsons 4.03 - Homer the Heretic

Brief Summary: Homer doesn't feel like going to church one week, and when he has the best day ever (while his family gets trapped in the freezing church with a broken furnace) he decides he's never going back to church. But when his house catches on fire one week while he's playing hookey, he changes his mind.

Overall: I'm not a big fan of the The Simpsons. I remember it as being sad when I was a kid, catching snippits of episodes my dad would watch on TV, so part of that has carried over into my adulthood. (On the other hand, I love Futurama, which was a staple in the evenings during my early college years.) This episode had a few chuckles, but nothing laugh-out-loud funny. The concept (the mom taking all the kids to church, the dad staying at home) is actually applicable to our household, though, haha.

Mountain Dew Girl's Pick: Modern Family 1.08 - Great Expectations

Brief Summary: Phil has gotten Claire some great and creative anniversary gifts, and all she thought to give him were coupons for free hugs. Determined to give him something great, she gets an 80's singer (from a band she thinks is the singer of "their song," but that Phil doesn't even really like) to come give them a private concert. Meanwhile, Cam and Mitch decide they need a night away from the baby, but their old friend isn't exactly as fun to be with as they remembered, and Jay has all the grandkids over for "Jay's Night," but all Hailey wants to do is go to the party down the block.

Overall: Modern Family has grown on me a bit. The characters are likable, and the stories are mostly clever. I don't think they're quite as funny as my mom and Mountain Dew Girl do, but they always have a few chuckles. I think the 80's singer story went on a little long, but it was amusing.

Chess Enthusiast Dad's Pick: Fawlty Towers 2.04 - The Kipper and The Corpse

Brief Summary: A guest dies in the hotel, and Mr. Fawlty tries to move the body to a safe location until the undertakers come to pick it up. Naturally, this leads to a lot of hard-to-explain situations and angry guests.

Overall: I don't care for this series very much, and I don't think it's just because it's British humor. (Although I'm not a big Monty Python fan, either.) This episode was about the same as the other episode we watched (2.06 - Basil the Rat), with something going awry in the hotel, and the staff rushing to try to cover it up from an inspector or other such person. There were a few laughs here and there, but definitely not something I'd want to watch again.

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