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How I Met Your Mother 7.13 - Tailgate

How I Met Your Mother 7.13 - Tailgate

Brief Summary

Marshall decides to spend some time with his father by tailgating during the Viking's game out in the cemetary near his headstone. While he argues with his brothers, who have also showed up with similar ideas, and deals with the fact that other people at the cemetary are joining in on the event, he tells his father the story of New Year's Eve 2011. Barney and Ted, annoyed that McLaren's had a huge cover charge, start their own bar, Puzzles. Robin has to cover for Sandy Rivers on live TV for the NYE countdown. Lily is sadden by the fact that her dad doesn't seem all that interested in her pregnancy.

What I Liked

The parts that had to do with Marshall's dad and Lily's dad respectively were really sweet and poignant. Marshall remembering tailgating with his dad, and Lily's dad showing up for her at the end with the giant teddy bear to congratulate her were both great moments.

The Puzzles logo looked a bit like the Cheers logo, which I found amusing.

I'm glad Robin will presumably be back on the air again. I hadn't realized it until now, but her working a research job just isn't as fun to watch as her on-air jobs in the previous seasons. Her working with Sandy Rivers should also be fun to watch.

When the crowd at Puzzles got rowdy and started breaking stuff I laughed out loud. Ted getting hit with a dart was great.

What I Didn't Like

First off, Robin's behavior is a little hard to swallow these days. Why is she still with Kevin? He seems very into her, and his supportive comments about her career are nice, but she hardly seems as into him. It's also hard to be very sympathetic to Robin, since a lot of her problems right now are her own fault.

Kevin's "That's my girl!" comment rubbed me the wrong way, and I'm surprised we didn't get a glimpse of Barney's reaction during that scene. Clearly he still cares about Robin, but other than his being excited that she was on TV, we aren't given any indication he's upset or even bothered by Robin's behavior in the past few episodes. HIMYM does unfortunately have a history of dropping feelings for several episodes at a time, but a little glance from Barney would have gone a long way. (Although, it's clear he still cares for her. It's Robin's feelings for him that have disappeared with little explanation, especially given that they were such a big plot point in the beginning of the season.)

I thought the episode overall was a little choppy. I would almost forget Marshall was telling the story from the future (after the events had occurred), and his subplot about wanting their child to believe in supernatural creatures was sort of silly. Also, why weren't they spending the New Year's with the rest of the gang? Surely they could unpack the baby room another time. That subplot took up almost as much time as Puzzles, which was actually brushed over rather quickly in favor of Robin and Marshall's storylines.

Twists and Turns

Robin is going to be back on TV again.

Lily's dad showed up, even though Lily thought he was disinterested in her pregnancy.


I would love to see Lily's relationship with her dad be explored some more. He's a fun character, and although he was a terrible dad to her, it would be nice to see them try to mend that relationship a bit. It would also give Lily a more concrete plot for a while. Other than baby stuff and stuff related to Marshall's work, Lily has been plotless for quite a while.

I've already said my bit about Robin and Kevin, but seriously, this relationship needs to end soon. And we need some real explanations for why Robin suddenly isn't interested in Barney anymore.


Not a bad episode (I liked it better than The Rebound Girl) but it wasn't great. There were some genuinely funny moments, and some pretty touching ones, too, but it was a little choppily put together, and after all the drama from the first half of the season, it's a little weird that the episode essentially shelves all the tension and feelings that should be there.

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