Sunday, November 20, 2011

Young Justice 1.18 - Secrets

Young Justice 1.18 - Secrets

Brief Summary

Conner, Megan, and Wally go to a school Halloween dance. Artemis, jealous that Megan and Conner are a couple, decides to have a girl's night out with Zatanna, where the two run into a crazed man named Harm who wields a magical sword. Meanwhile, Red Arrow, Aqualad, Robin, Batman, and Red Tornado discuss the likelihood of a mole in the group.

What I Liked

The meeting about the mole. I like that Robin seemed to already know Artemis' secret, and the discussion brought up some points that I'd actually wondered about. Maybe Superboy is the mole without realizing it.

Zatanna is a cool character, and it was nice to see her and Artemis show off their powers a bit.

I know Secret is a character from the original Young Justice comic, so it was cool for her to have an appearance.

What I Didn't Like

The whole dance/prank subplot didn't do much for me. It was cute seeing Megan and Conner in a more light-hearted scenario, but all they really did was scare one of their classmates who was staging a prank. Also, how dense is Wally? Even Zatanna could pick up on the fact that Megan and Conner are dating. Guess he only sees what he wants to see!

Twists and Turns

Not too many, unless you consider the fact that Artemis finally figures out that Conner and Megan are a couple.


Interesting that Artemis seems to have a thing for Superboy. She and Wally might be able to commiserate over the fact that both of their crushes are dating each other.

Again, I like how Robin assumes that Artemis' secret identity is common knowledge. But then, we already knew he knew about her back in the "Home Front" episode, since he saw her at school.

Miss Martian's background gets sketchier and sketchier. I'm still betting she's really a white martian, who may not even be related to Martian Manhunter.


A good episode! I wish there had been a little more to the Robin/Aqualad/Red Arrow subplot and a little less with the dance prank, though.

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