Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Young Justice 1.17 - Disordered

Young Justice 1.17 - Disordered

Brief Summary

Each member of the team gets a therapy session with Black Canary to try to work out the trauma/emotions from their training session gone wrong. Meanwhile, Superboy notices that his sphere has morphed into a bike, and he takes it out for a spin with Wolf. He runs into a group of technological beings from another planet, who say sphere is theirs.

What I Liked

I liked the sessions with Canary. Everybody had their own issues to work out, and it was nice to get a little more character development out of the gang.

Superboy seems to be settling into his character a little bit more. I like how he's not so angry, and how he seems to have soft spots for the sphere and his wolf.

What I Didn't Like

It seems to be kind of the thing on Young Justice to be sort of "hero of the week + villain of the week." We meet up with some random heroes, and also a random villain. I'm not sure who the folks were that Superboy met up with this week, but I didn't learn much about them except that they operate sort of like Power Rangers. At one point, Superboy was like, "Whoa, wait. I've been patient, but what is going on?!" That's how I felt.

Twists and Turns

Sphere is actually from some other planet/universe. Why was it in the desert in the first place, then? I need to rewatch that Bereft episode.

Aqualad has some serious doubts about staying the leader, but can't think of a suitable replacement. I'd say they should just let Roy/Red Arrow be the leader, but he's such a loner that he might not even be willing to do it. But he's older, he can clearly handle himself, and he's got the team's best interests in mind.


The therapy sessions were very revealing. Aqualad wanted to relinquish his post as leader, but realized that the only one qualified to take over is Robin, and he doesn't want to give that responsibility to someone so young. Wally was nonchalant about everything except when Canary mentioned his extreme reaction to Artemis' death. Canary urged Artemis to come forward about her own secrets, but she declined. Megan was afraid of the trouble she'd caused, and freaked out a bit when Canary mentioned she'd "turned white." I have a feeling Megan might actually be one of the white martians that she'd mentioned a few episodes ago. Robin was visibly upset, and didn't like that he had to send his friends to their dooms in order to do what needed to be done. He also confided he didn't really want to be like Batman anymore.

Most interesting was Superboy who said he didn't feel anything when everyone died.


A good episode. I liked the insight to the characters through the sessions, and it leaves a lot of things to think about. I still think all this talk about Aqualad vs Robin as the leader is foreshadowing something.

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