Monday, November 7, 2011

Young Justice 1.16 - Failsafe

Young Justice 1.16 - Failsafe

Brief Summary

Aliens are invading Earth, and the Justice League are falling one by one. When no one is left but the Young Justice team, they set out to stop the invasion themselves, and rescue the Justice League, who they hope have only been teleported into the mothership and not vaporized.

What I Liked

While I'm a fan of episodes that build up a little bit more, it was kind of cool to see the team in a high-stakes mission. The team worked well together, and I particularly liked when Robin sort of took over command after Aqualad "died." I still can't help but think that's a bit of foreshadowing.

What I Didn't Like

Again, I don't really like when episodes just jump right in. We had no background on what was going on, and it all seemed sort of like an episode that should be taking place like mid-second or third season or something, not randomly in the first season.

And I absolutely hate the "it was all a dream" sort of endings. So essentially, all the episode did was tell us that Miss Martian has lots of power?

Twists and Turns

The big one, of course, being that the whole episode was just a training exercise.

Miss Martian is very powerful, and also very emotional.


I really enjoyed all the little cameos by characters we don't see much, like Red Arrow, Garth and Tula, Wonder Woman, and even Barbara Gordon. I was a bit bummed out that Red Arrow and Garth didn't get to help out, though. I was also going to be particularly disappointed that Barbara didn't appear to be Batgirl-suiting-up to help, but seeing as how it was just an illusion, and Martian Manhunter has no way of knowing if Barbara leads a double life, I guess that doesn't mean anything concrete.

Also noticed the little cameo by Iris, and loved her awkward, "Thanks...Flash" when he saved her.

Noted was Wally's reaction to Artemis' "death," and he determination to get revenge or rescue her. Obviously they're playing toward something happening between those two eventually. Miss M also used the L-word with Superboy, though, it was just a dream, so I don't know if that'll have any lasting consequences.

I think part of the problem in episodes like these is that it's trying to do a little too much at once now. I know a few episodes ago I was complaining that not everyone was in every episode, but episodes like Revalation and Failsafe have just a smidge too much going on. I'm sure there's a happy medium somewhere, and it's not to say that the episodes are bad. All of Young Justice has been good so far, just sometimes I wish it would slow down a little bit.


Not my favorite by a longshot, but there were some good moments.

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