Monday, November 21, 2011

How I Met Your Mother 7.11 - The Rebound Girl

How I Met Your Mother 7.11 - The Rebound Girl

Brief Summary

Ted and Barney, both feeling down after having so many bad experiences with women, decide, while they were in a bad place mind you, that they should adopt a baby together. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily start seriously considering moving to the house Lily's grandparents left her, and Robin does her best to convince them not to.

What I Liked

The shrinking apartment. It was hilarious that every scene, the apartment seemed to get smaller and smaller. And Robin randomly knocking over lamps was pretty funny.

Barney and Ted's storyline started off funny, but got old fast for me. I feel like that should have been a one-off, or a C-plot, not the main plot of an episode. I'd already seen promotional photos for the episode involving James and his husband, so I knew Barney hadn't really kidnapped a baby.

What I Didn't Like

Kind of discussed above, the whole episode was kind of wasted time for me after everything that went down last week. Barney and Robin had one scene together at the very end of the episode, where he has to seek her out to make sure that they're still friends. She doesn't apologize for her behavior, mind you, or even give an explanation. And then she says that she's pregnant.

Twists and Turns

Robin tells Barney that she's pregnant.

Marshall and Lily are probably going to sell their tiny apartment and move to their new house.


I read somewhere that this episode would redeem Robin, but it didn't at all. She didn't even seek Barney out or try to talk to him. It looks like she was actively avoiding him for weeks and spending time with Marshall and Lily. In the end, he has to be the one to find her and talk to her. He has every right to be angry and to expect some sort of explanation, but instead he just wants to make sure they're still friends. He loves her so much that he's willing to brush aside the fact that she broke his heart.

And as for the pregnancy announcement, I don't for one second believe they'd actually have Robin be pregnant. They can't write two pregnancies at once, and have two babies on the show next year. And the "Who's the father?" question would be far too soap opera for a sitcom. I'm sure next week we'll see Barney and Kevin's reactions, and it'll end up that she's not pregnant.

However, this puts us right back at square one with these two. All the development this season has been leading up to nothing if that's the case. Obviously they aren't going to get back together when Robin figures out she's not pregnant. (And yes, I refuse to acknowledge a scenario where she is really pregnant. It just makes that little sense to me.) Just ... argh. I don't even know. Unless this next episode (which airs in two weeks) pulls all these haphazard storylines together, I'm ready to say this is my second-least favorite season. (Just after Season 5.)


A ridiculous joke that got stretched into an entire episode, with barely any discussion on the massive events that occurred in the last two episodes. 7.09 was amazing and had such promise, but 7.10 took that and turned it bitter, and this week through us for a loop in the last seconds of the episode. Yes, it's surprising. But is it good? I'm not feeling it right now.


  1. You may be right that she's not pregnant. It really is a likely scenario. But in a way I hope she is. Barney is ready now more than ever to commit. I know they're bringing on a new love interest for him, but this curveball that the writers are throwing us has to mean something. There has to be a storyline in the works that we just aren't seeing yet. I'm not quite sure where it's going, but I'm definitely sticking around to find out. Check out my review as well at–-the-rebound-girl-–-barney-wants-kids

  2. This show has over 10 million viewers and I think people watch for the suspense of the story unfolding more than the comedy. I find the premise for laughs to be far fetched and over-the-top most of the time but my wife loves the show. I found out that my extended family watches it too when I brought along my new DISH Network employee Tailgaiter on our annual Southern California camping trip last week. They all loved me for the week and it was nice to be the favorite rather than the scapegoat for my older brothers and sisters.