Monday, November 7, 2011

How I Met Your Mother 7.09 - Disaster Averted

How I Met Your Mother 7.09 - Disaster Averted

Brief Summary

As Barney tries to convince Marshall to let him out of the ducky tie bet, the gang reminisces about Hurricane Irene back in August 2011.

What I Liked

Oh my goodness, what didn't I like about this one? It was like the complete opposite of Noretta.

Marshall's paranoia about getting attacked by a bear due to his lack of health insurance was hilarious. Especially the bear in the bathroom ... after he squirted soap in his eye!

Barney pleading to get out of the ducky tie bet. I'll gladly take another slap to the slap bet over him wearing that ugly tie every episode. The opening sequence, his hilariously ridiculous story of how he "lost" the tie, was also great.

Barney suddenly changing his mind about wanting to leave after his dad called.

Marshall's version of what Lily said after he left the room.

The whole scene in the rain where the gang is playing in the puddles and watching Marshall boogie board.

Robin and Barney's cab ride. The scene in the rain that took place in August, where the two almost kissed before being interrupted by Robin's phone, was so sweet. Barney's awkward, "Any day I don't talk to you is ... just no good." was so cute. And then to follow it up with the two of them making fun of the fact that they could have kissed ... and then they actually do start kissing. Absolutely wonderful payoff!

What I Didn't Like

Ted wanting to leave Barney behind for some random chick! My goodness, you think he'd value his friendship more than that.

Barney's calling Robin up pretending to be her father was low, but he apologized for it later, so that's all good.

Twists and Turns

Barney is officially out of the ducky tie bet, but 3 extra slaps were added to the original slap bet. (Marshall used two of them right there, though, so there is 2 slaps left.)

Barney and Robin had almost kissed back before their original cab heart-to-heart about having loved each other in September. I wonder if that is what helped prompt the conversation in the first place?

Baby Erickson was conceived in Barney's bathroom.

Barney and Robin started making out in the cab at the end of the episode, even though both of them are in relationships with other people!


Whoa, so much happened in just like the last 6 minutes. Barney and Robin had already almost given in to their mutual attraction back in August, which means the September cab chat wasn't just out of the blue. Also, their kiss being interrupted by Robin's dad very much mirrors what happened with the two of them after their dance when Nora called.

So much could happen from here. They could leave it at a kiss, or they could sleep together, similarly to what happened at the end of Sandcastles in the Sand. Either way, I doubt they're going to get back together just yet. While I'm sure Nora and Kevin breakups are coming around the corner, I wonder if Robin will hold back on sharing her true feelings? If she says it was just a mistake, I can see Barney believing her. I can also see Barney accidentally saying something that causes Robin not to want to share her feelings.

Robin and Barney stuff aside, Barney's out of the ducky tie bet, and yet he's seen wearing it in the flashforward to Atlantic City with Marshall. Something obviously happens that forces him to wear the tie again. Also, we still haven't figured out why Ted will be donning a green dress toward the end of the season, as seen in the flashforward from The Mermaid Theory.


This was definitely tied as my favorite episodes this season ... if not the favorite episode. Probably one of my favorites overall. It was just so good! It had laughs, heart, and aside from the whole gang being simply so cute playing in the rain, the Robin and Barney moments were great. After the dance scene in the premiere, we've been waiting for something big to happen between the two, so it's nice to finally see some sparks. Although I'm very curious where this is all heading, especially in the short-term, I have a feeling these two will definitely end up together in the end.

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