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How I Met Your Mother 7.08 - The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

How I Met Your Mother 7.08 - The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

Brief Summary

Ted finally tracks down the girl in the slutty pumpkin costume from the rooftop Halloween party ten years earlier. Only problem is, they make a terrible couple. Meanwhile, Lily deals with forgetfulness due to her pregnancy as she and Marshall debate whether or not to move to the suburbs into a house that her grandparents have left her. Robin disocovers that Barney's grandmother on his dad's side was from Canada, making Barney 1/4 Canadian. She teases him incesantly as payback for all the years of Canada jokes.

What I Liked

Barney and Robin's storyline was very funny, and it only makes sense that Robin would pick on Barney about his previously unknown Canadian heritage. Her excitedly waiting at the Halloween party for him to show up in the mountie costume was great, as was his rebelling against all things Canada.

Lily's pregnancy-brain story was hilarious. Crying over ice cubes, putting her wallet and keys in the freezer, getting lost on the way back from the bathroom, and handing out a stapler, scissors, and a bottle of wine instead of candy to the trick or treaters were just some of her antics. "I'm really gonna miss that stapler!"

The cutaway of Lily walking into their smokey apartment with the smoke alarm going off, Marshall passed out on the floor with a grill next to him. Also, his excitement over the free stuff Lily's grandparents would give them that they had no use for.

What I Didn't Like

I wasn't really feeling Ted and Naomi/the slutty pumpkin's storyline. They were terribly awkward together, which was the point, but it just wasn't as funny to me as I thought it was going to be. At least the awkwardness wasn't just coming from Ted's point of view. She also thought he was awkward!

I feel like the entire episode was a bit rushed. There were probably too many plots trying to be covered, between Lily's pregnancy brain, Marshall and Lily deciding whether or not to live in the suburbs, Barney and Robin's Canadian stuff, and Ted and Naomi's awkwardness. It didn't flow as well as I thought it should, and I was a little disappointed by the fact that there wasn't any real character development from anyone. The tag, while goofy, was also a slight letdown. I would have prefered Robin have decorated Barney's apartment with a bunch of Canadian stuff or something of the like.

Twists and Turns

For all his hating Canada, Barney is 1/4 Canadian!

The slutty pumpkin turned out to be the totally wrong girl for Ted.

Lily and Marshall now have a house in the suburbs. Whether or not they'll end up living in it is anyone's guess.


Barney is still sporting the ducky tie, even in his American boxer costume. (He had it tied to his arm.)

Robin's clothes this season have been, for lack of better words, just awful. She doesn't look cute or even particularly feminine in hardly anything she wears. It's been a lot of bad colors, and baggy shirts. I know the actress is a bit thinner than she used to be, and I'm not a huge fan of her current hairstyle, but she could look way cuter than they're presenting her, unless it's a conscious decision for some reason? Robin does tend to dress badly when she's depressed, and it could be due to the Barney-pining. (Although, you'd think she'd try to dress up provacatively or something, to attract some attention.)

No Kevin or Nora this episode. Kevin may as well not exist as he wasn't even mentioned, and Barney only grumbled that he already had a girlfriend when Marshall mentioned "helpless drunk chicks" at the bar.

I like how they're wrapping up Ted's old loose ends. First Victoria, and now the slutty pumpkin. I see they're slowly getting rid of all the girls that "got away" as we're coming up on the wedding where Ted will meet the mother. It's a nice touch.

Also a nice touch, and really noticable if you watch the original Slutty Pumpkin episode, is that future Ted said that Aunt Robin really likes dressing up for Halloween, but that she didn't always. In 2005, Ted told Robin that one day she'd meet someone that she'd want to dress up for. This is the first Halloween that we've seen Robin actually wear a costume for the occassion, and she's dressing up for Barney. Sure, it's a joke at his expense, but I think it's significant. They don't drive the point home or anything specific, but it's a subtle clue to those of us paying attention.


What we had was good, but the episode felt very short and a little all over the place. I think there were some subtle hints at things to come, which I'm sure will be fun to look back on as we progress through the season.

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