Monday, November 7, 2011

Castle 4.07 - Cops and Robbers

Castle 4.07 - Cops and Robbers

Brief Summary

Castle and his mom are among the hostages when a ground of scrub-wearing crooks hold up a bank. Beckett unwillingly becomes the hostage negotiator, and Castle tries to figure out what the crooks want from the inside.

What I Liked

I thought the episode was really exciting, a bit a deviation from the norm for the show. Some parts of it were a little far-fetched, but I liked that we could see very clearly the Beckett was really worried about her partner.

What I Didn't Like

The morse-code bit seemed a little far-fetched to me, but maybe detectives pay more attention to little things like that than I would. I would say I didn't like that the real culprit turned out to be one of the hostages, but that actually was a twist I didn't see coming.

Twists and Turns

The mastermind turned out to be the epileptic hostage who was taken out before the bomb went off.

Alexis broke up with her boyfriend.


I wonder how long Beckett and Castle can keep up this facade of not admitting their feelings. Castle was willing to do it before, when Beckett was shot, so I wonder if he'll ever get the courage to try to tell her again? And Beckett already really knows that.

I was sad Alexis broke up with Ashley, but anyone could see that coming from a mile away. He seemed like such a nice guy when he was around, but I will admit that long-distance does not work well, so it's not surprising.


A good episode, hopefully bringing our main characters a little closer to admitting their feelings for each other.

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