Monday, November 7, 2011

The Big Bang Theory 5.08 - The Isolation Permutation

The Big Bang Theory 5.08 - The Isolation Permutation

Brief Summary

Amy is upset when Bernadette and Penny go dress shopping without her. When Sheldon tries to console her, though, he gets more than he bargained for.

What I Liked

Amy is my favorite character on the show, and I love her interactions with Sheldon. Her awkwardly wrapping her arms around him so the two could cuddle was hilarious. I also liked his negotiating for less intimacy. "French kissing?" "A neck massage?"

Raj's random comments about dresses and cap sleeves were great. "Who here knows what a sweetheart neckline is?!" And Raj slowly raises his hand, haha.

What I Didn't Like

Although I do like Amy, I feel that this one took her oddballness and put it over the top just a bit. I loved her crying and playing the harp, but the end tag with her being bossy and insulting while the girls were wedding dress shopping was a little odd. She's usually not so into putting the others down.

Twists and Turns

Nothing big.


Amy is clearly down with physical intimacy, and Sheldon doesn't seem to be on the same page at all. He was outraged he was forced to cuddle, and demanded Leonard and Howard "get their women in line" so he wouldn't have to do it again. I wonder if this storyline will go anywhere. We know Sheldon got possessive of Amy when Leonard went with her to that wedding, but he doesn't seem to want anything more out of their relationship. Although, I could totally see Leonard and Amy getting drunk and hooking up, especially now that Leonard is single.


Funny, but I felt like it went just a little bit over the top.

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