Monday, October 24, 2011

Young Justice 1.15 - Humanity

Young Justice 1.15 - Humanity

Brief Summary

The team is determined to track down Red Tornado to find out once and for all if he really was the mole. While under the guise that they're showing Zatanna, Zatarra's daughter, around the compound, the group sneak off to investigate. Meanwhile, the creator of the Reds has collected both Red Tornado and his two siblings' memories and implanted them into a perfect robot, with the intention of setting of a volcano to destroy humanity.

What I Liked

It was refreshing that Red Tornado turned out not to be bad, and even his two siblings were also not as bad as we were led to believe. I was a little confused on the backstory, though ... were they originally made to look like humans?

I like the continuity in that Wally's arm is still messed up from the previous adventure.

Zatanna was a fun addition to the team for an episode, but I'm not sure if she'd be good as a permanent addition. Her father seemed pretty angry at the end, so I doubt she'll be joining up anytime soon, anyway.

What I Didn't Like

Not sure why Robin was all over Zatanna, considering he's usually more of an observer of Wally's goofball attempts to woo the ladies rather than a participant. At one point he even makes the comment, "Was that too Wally?" Although Zatanna was completely different from Artemis and Miss Martian, so maybe she's just more his type. Her willingness to participate in his word play was cute, and I wouldn't be opposed to Robin having a love-interest on the show. (They somewhat spoiled me by revealing the fact that Barbara exists in the YJ world, though, as I've always been a big Batgirl/Robin fan.)

Twists and Turns

Red Tornado was not the mole.


First off, just a slight disclaimer as I'm not 100% sure that this has been revealed or not officially. I can't remember if I gleened this information from briefly researching Artemis online or by the hints dropped in the show/comic, but I think it's obvious that Sportsmaster is Artemis' father. This really had nothing to do with this episode, but I'd like to be able to reference that in speculation going forward!

If Red Tornado was not the mole, then who was? We're still left wondering. I doubt it is any of the team itself (unless Artemis is somehow being blackmailed due to her ties to Cheshire and Sportsmaster), and I can't understand why any league members would be leaking information. (And it's certainly not Red Arrow, who was uncovering the mole stuff in the first place.) I wonder if there's still a telepathic link to Superboy that he's unaware of...


A good episode, but not my favorite. I haven't loved any episode in particular since Homefront. There will be a hiatus this coming week while they play the "Batman vs Dracula" movie for Halloween weekend, so we'll pick back up again in two weeks!

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