Sunday, October 16, 2011

Young Justice 1.14 - Revelation

Young Justice 1.14 - Revelation

Brief Summary

Plant creatures are attacking all over the world. The Justice League tackle the creatures head on while the Young Justice team goes undercover to the center of operations for the Injustice League, in hopes of shutting down the plants at their source. The Injustice League is hardcore, however, and the team may be in over their head.

What I Liked

This was a really action-packed episode, and everyone got a moment to shine. We saw just about ever League member fighting at one point or another. Although it was just a brief scene, I liked seeing Red Arrow, Green Arrow, and Black Canary all fighting together. Nice to see Red Arrow is helping out, and maybe patching things up with his mentor.

Although I wish it had been a longer scene, Robin vs. Joker was a cool concept.

Miss Martian really stepped up her game this week! She was quite the fighter.

I'm also glad they revisited the Dr. Fate helmet. I was certain Artemis was going to use it back in "Homefront," when she ended up in the souvenir room, so I'm glad someone finally realized it was their ace in the hole.

Artemis' comment, "I feel naked, and not in the fun way." was hilarious!

What I Didn't Like

Well, there was quite a bit going on, so we didn't really focus too much on any one particular person for very long.

I'm not sure how I feel about Superboy's wolf. It's cute, and helpful, and it reminds me of him having Krypto around like in the comics, but I don't know...

The Joker's voice was really bad. It didn't bother me much at first, but by the end I was really wishing they could have gotten John DiMaggio, who voiced the Joker in the "Batman: Under the Red Hood" movie, instead.

Twists and Turns

Aqualad used the Dr. Fate helmet, but was fortunately released when they were finished with the fight.

The Injustice League were just a cover for the real masterminds, which include Ra's al Ghul and Lex Luthor, among many other villains that we've seen over the season.


More hints at something happening between Artemis and Kid Flash. They walk in together after Robin and Aqualad are discussing how Miss Martian and Superboy are a couple, Wally was particularly protective of her during the fight, and she takes a minute to tie up his injured arm during the fight. I actually think they'd be more interesting to watch together than Megan and Conner, no offense to them!

None of the Red Tornados seemed to be involved in this, the Injustice League, nor were they seen among the masterminds. So I wonder what their agenda was?


A good episode that showed a lot of different characters. Part of it felt a bit rushed, but I think that was just because of the amount of people and stories it was trying to cover. Honestly, I think this would have made a better 2-part episode, but it was still good.

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