Monday, October 10, 2011

Young Justice 1.13 - Alpha Male

Young Justice 1.13 - Alpha Male

Brief Summary

Everyone's upset with Aqualad for neglecting to mention that there might be a mole in their midst. Captain Marvel takes over as "den mother" for the group, and the team heads to India to deal with a crazed gorilla who has injected animals with the Kobra venom. However, the team is divided: everyone feels betrayed by Aqualad, and refuse to take orders from him. When Captain Marvel is captured, Aqualad has to pull the team back together in order to save him.

What I Liked

It was nice to have an episode that featured the whole team for a change. Although the focus was on Aqualad, everyone had a pretty good role.

What I Didn't Like

I didn't care for the villains, or Captain Marvel, but since they were just the side characters and not the main focus, it didn't really matter.

Twists and Turns

I already knew the bit about Captain Marvel really being a kid, but I guess that was a bit of a twist at the end.

Obviously they weren't going to remove Aqualad from leading the team!


I like the continuity between episodes. They were using the Kobra venom from the 4th episode, and the collars from the jail episode.

Historically, Robin has always been the leader of the teams he's been on. Aqualad is clearly defined as the leader for now, and that only makes sense seeing as how Robin is by far the youngest, though even when they made that decision, Aqualad said that Robin would take over some day. To me, that seems to set up that something will happen to Aqualad at some point. While I doubt they'd kill off essentially the only ethnic character on the team (though I suppose Miss Martian also counts) and not to mention this Aqualad character is a newer creation rather than the old incarnation, it makes me wonder. (Unless they just threw in that line to assure us that Robin would lead the team eventually.)


It was a good episode, but not my favorite. I hope they bring Red Arrow back into the mix soon. It would be nice if he joined up the team permanently, or at least helped out regularly, though he seems like a bit of a loner for now.

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