Sunday, October 2, 2011

Young Justice 1.12 - Home Front

Young Justice 1.12 - Home Front

Brief Summary

The cave is under attack by two of Red Tornado's relatives, and they've captured the majority of the team. With just ten minutes to figure out a way to beat the superhuman robots and save their friends, Artemis and Robin, the only two teens without super powers, have to work together to stop them.

What I Liked

Well, Robin was in it, and pretty front and center, to boot, although the focus was mainly on Artemis. I enjoyed Artemis's back story, and fleshed out her character a little bit more.

Robin was pretty cool, getting a chance to show off his years of experience. He also didn't have any trouble working together with Artemis, although admittedly there wasn't much of a chance for him to run off cackling. His wordplay with Artemis was also fun.

What I Didn't Like

Nothing to complain about!

Twists and Turns

Red Tornado was apparently the mole. I had accidentally read the blurb on an upcoming episode which sort of hinted at this, so I was watching carefully. His leaving in the beginning, and then showing back up right after they beat the others, was very suspicious. Didn't they already fight a Red Tornado look-a-like back in episode 3, too? Hm...


When Dick/Robin was at school, he's seen talking to a red-headed girl named Barbara. I guess that means Batgirl exists in the YJ universe! Color me excited, even though with such a full team plus Red Arrow, it will probably be a long time before we might see her in action. Noted that she looks like she's older than Dick, but still in high school.

Miss Martian and Superboy seem to be keeping their romance on the down-low, particularly from Kid Flash. I'd be interested to see how he reacts when he actually finds out, although, they were pretty clearly setting up something between him and Artemis in the magician episode, so I'm sure he won't stay heartbroken for long.

I liked the one-off mention of Green Arrow and Black Canary on a "hot date," haha.


I loved it! Very exciting, and it leads into the next episode since we're left wondering why Red Tornado would have wanted to work against the team. Or was he even? He didn't kill any of the team even though he had a chance. I guess we'll find out.

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