Friday, October 28, 2011

The Vampire Diaries 3.07 - Ghost World

The Vampire Diaries 3.07 - Ghost World

Brief Summary

Bonnie and Vickie's messing with witch magic from the other side has had unforseen consequences: now all the ghosts who have a reason to come back are back in the real world, and tangible. Mason exacts revenge on Damon by torturing him, but then lets him free and the two team up to find some secret to killing Klaus that is buried on the Lockwood property. Lexie captures Stefan and tries to starve him back to humanity. And Anna and Jeremy bond more. But when the tomb vampires return to exact revenge on the founding families, Bonnie has to come up with a way to send all the ghosts away, and fast.

What I Liked

Mason. Although he messed Damon up initially to get even, he moved past the whole "You killed me" thing pretty quickly, and the two teamed up. It was fun to watch, and led nicely into Alaric reluctantly letting go of the grudge he's been holding against Damon for weeks.

Anna and Jeremy. They really had a connection back in the 1st season, so it was nice to see it get resolved a little bit. Although you know they could never be together, it was nice that Anna found her mom at the end and they could presumably move on together.

What I Didn't Like

I don't care much for Stefan or Elena, so Stefan's whole detox plot was rather boring for me. Also, it's just a tad rehashed. I don't care if Stefan breaks through right now, because I frankly don't think it's possible. He's compelled. So that's a bit of a snoozefest for me!

Twists and Turns

All the ghosts that came back, including Bonnie's grams.

Bonnie and Jeremy essentially broke up. (Good!)


Rebekah and Tyler were notably absent this episode.

Matt's just about fed up with the supernatural, but then again, they have him in scenes with Bonnie. I wouldn't be opposed to the two of them comiserating together over the whole ghost thing.

We know Caroline's dad could resist compulsion, but I doubt that you can resist compulsion once you're already compelled. I suppose they can have Stefan break through at some point, though.

Is it bad that I'd actually like to see Elena give up? Her "I won't give up on you!" speech every episode is a little tiresome. Give it a rest for just a bit, eh?


Good episode. Interesting, fast-paced, aside from the Stefan/Lexie/Elena storyline. Looking forward to next week, of course.

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