Friday, October 7, 2011

Vampire Diaries 3.04 - Disturbing Behavior

Vampire Diaries 3.04 - Disturbing Behavior

Brief Summary

Klaus has his witch try to track down Rebecca's necklace, which they need in order to discover why the hybrids aren't working. She suspects Stefan isn't telling the truth, and tortures him to get information. Meanwhile, everyone in Mystic Falls is trying to go back to normal, but it isn't easy. Alaric is suspicious of Damon, Caroline's dad is impervious to compulsion, Jeremy is having conversations with Anna, and Elena wants everyone to stop picking on her about her friendship with Damon.

What I Liked

I like that Damon is still on the council, and it is amusing that now the sheriff and the mayor have secrets they need to keep, as well. Alaric forcing himself on the council at the end was interesting, too.

Katherine is also great to watch. She shows up to help Stefan, and then goes to Damon at the end with the necklace offering to take him on a "road trip." I don't know where it's heading, but I like it.

I was on edge the whole episode thinking Damon was going to kill Caroline's dad, so it was refreshing that even though Caroline stopped him, he said he wasn't going to kill him anyway. I liked his yelling at Elena to quit expecting him to be like Stefan.

What I Didn't Like

Jeremy shutting Anna out. Yes, I know that he's moved on with Bonnie, but Anna was so sweet, and they really had a connection. Also, even on a less romantic level, she seems to need some help, and if she's warning him about Vickie, she might also be able to help him.

Alaric getting pissed at Damon. Yes, Damon snapping his neck (even knowing the ring would revive him) was a bad move. But I love their bro-friendship, so it's sad to see a little wrinkle in that.

Rebecca turning on Stefan so quickly. Yes, she was jealous of the fact that he clearly loved someone else, but I thought that she really cared about him.

Twists and Turns

Klaus has taken Stefan back to Mystic Falls.

Caroline's dad cannot be compelled.

Alaric joins the council, although they honestly don't do much, so not sure what good that is.

Katherine takes the necklace from Bonnie after pretending to be Elena, and teams up with Damon for some purpose.


Elena still doesn't know about Jeremy seeing dead girlfriends, since that was actually Katherine at the cafe.


Good episode! Looking forward to next week, and what havoc Klaus might inflict on Mystic Falls now that they've returned.

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