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How I Met Your Mother 7.07 - Noretta

How I Met Your Mother 7.07 - Noretta

Brief Summary

Kevin brings up a theory that many people find partners that are similar to one of their parents. This causes Lily and Marshall to imagine each other as their respective fathers. Barney and Nora try to have a romantic evening (leading up to a special event), but mysterious accidents keep ruining the mood. Ted feels left out, and Kevin is annoyed that Robin is too close to her roommate.

What I Liked

It's probably better to start with what I didn't like, honestly, but I'll give this a go:

James saying that he didn't like Barney with Nora, and Robin's hurried agreement listing reasons why not to like her.

Kevin talking about Ted's nuts, and his flip-out when Robin was giving Ted a back massage.

Ted's montage of calling everyone asking to see if they'd go to the concert with him. They included Claudia, Stewart, Trudy, Brad, Natalie, and Ranjit!

What I Didn't Like

Good gosh, Season 7 is turning out to be quite a mixed bag. A really funny episode followed by possibly one of my least favorite episodes ever!

The "seeing your partner as your parent" plot was creepy, no way around it. Although there were some awkward laughs to be had, Marshall and Lily's whole sequence with their fathers was just cringe-worthy.

Nora singing randomly. Awkward...

Barney and Nora had sex, regardless of all the mishaps and the fact that he was starting to see her as his mother. While I don't believe he's in love with her for a minute, his crass comment at the bar about turning her around during sex was just out of place and rude, though. And did that scene take place during the same night? Somehow I don't think he'd run out on Nora (at his own place!) just after sex! He did follow it up with a nice comment, but still. Barney was seriously just desperate to get laid, which makes sense, but I can't help but feel a little bad for Nora, even if it were her idea to have sex in the end.

What was up with Robin being so touchy feely with Ted?? She gives him a back rub right in front of her boyfriend trying to butter him up to take her to the concert, when it turns out she doesn't even like Weird Al?! I'm sorry, but where the hell did that come from?

Twists and Turns

Barney and Nora finally got it on.

Kevin apparently knows that Robin used to date Ted.


I'm perplexed about Barney's behavior. Clearly, going 2 months without sex is big for him, and it's understandable that he would want an evening where Nora clearly stated her intention was to end it with sex, to go well. But his comments at the bar at the end were pretty off-putting. No, I don't believe he's in love with her, rather that he's forcing himself to pretend this is what being in a relationship should be like, but I still think he should have had a little more tact. But then again, it's Barney. He's trying, but ultimately he's clueless.

Then there's always the theory that he lied to his friends about having had sex with Nora. Maybe he really couldn't do it! But given the way things have been going lately, I'm fairly certain what we saw was what we get.

What the heck is going on with Robin? Is she trying to make Kevin jealous or something? It's implied they're already sleeping together, since Kevin's around in the mornings, but she still doesn't seem very into him. And Kevin's all worked up about Ted now, when it's really Barney that Robin's harboring feelings for.


Man, I really have to say I disliked this one with a passion. Down there with my least favorites. I'm going to re-watch just to see if maybe I'm being overly critical, but this was really bad.

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