Monday, October 17, 2011

How I Met Your Mother 7.06 - Mystery vs. History

How I Met Your Mother 7.06 - Mystery vs. History

Brief Summary

Ted goes on a date with a girl with the condition that they cannot do Internet searches on each other before the date. Barney and Robin can't resist looking her up as the rest of the gang, plus Robin's new boyfriend Kevin, help paint the baby's room over at Marshall and Lily's. Marshall and Lily also have to decide whether or not they want to find out the gender of their baby.

What I Liked

I'll start by saying that after the premiere, this was probably my favorite episode this season. The gang was in great form, and their interactions were hilarious.

Barney/Robin being the research duo.

Kevin pointing out all the gang's various flaws/issues. (Co-dependency, separation anxiety, pathological lying, etc.) I especially loved the montage of the various slaps/hits when Kevin mentions he only didn't notice violence.

Marshall and Lily finding out the gender of their baby. We always knew they were going to have a boy at some point, so it's nice to confirm.

What I Didn't Like

Nit-picky, but I wish they'd change Robin's hair like they do Lily's when they do flashbacks. Lily always has era-appropriate hair, but Robin has the shorter, kinkier hair in ever scene.

Why is Kevin dating Robin again? If he can see through all the rest of the gang's issues, he can certainly see that Robin was hanging all over Barney, a man she explicitly confided in him that she was in love with, all evening. Don't get me wrong, I thought his character was hilarious. But I just don't understand why he's dating Robin.

Twists and Turns

Marshall and Lily are having a boy.


Robin and Barney were on such the same wavelength in this episode with all their researching habits, the same reactions to everything, etc, that if it wasn't specifically stated that Robin was dating Kevin, you'd think Robin and Barney were together. Foreshadowing?

Barney never brings up Nora when she's not around. And was he looking up porn on the Internet...?

Does Kevin even realize that Barney is the same Barney that Robin said she was in love with just two episodes ago? And I'm sure he doesn't realize that she and Ted used to date, too. I'm sure he's going to have a field day analyzing that one when he figures it out!


Awesome episode. Had me laughing the whole time, and had some great group moments. My favorite since the premiere!

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