Monday, October 10, 2011

How I Met Your Mother 7.05 - Field Trip

How I Met Your Mother 7.05 - Field Trip

Brief Summary

Ted decides to take his students on a field trip to the GNB site, but things don't quite go as planned. Robin's therapist, Kevin, tells her he can't see her anymore because he's attracted to her, and the two end up starting to date despite the weirdness of it all. Barney takes a comment Nora makes about Ewoks to indicate that she's 37, and freaks out because she told him she was 29. And Marshall's boss is so jaded to saving the Earth that he accepts a ridiculously low offer from a company that was doing chemical dumping.

What I Liked

Ted and Barney with Ted's students, trying to do a field trip, was great. Using them as a focus group to answer all debates, showing them ridiculous presentations about Ewoks, and taking them everywhere from GNB to Ted's apartment. The interaction between Barney and Ted was great.

What I Didn't Like

It goes without saying that Barney/Nora is still way too shallow, without any emotional depth, and just downright perfunctory. I seriously hope this will be addressed in coming episodes, because these two seriously have no reason to be dating.

The Robin and Kevin storyline, while admittedly trying to be cute, comes across as haphazard. There is no way Robin is suddenly over her feelings for Barney in a week. She must be using this as a distraction, or forcing herself into a relationship in order to somehow move on.

Lily had essentially no story, other than being pregnant, and the gang was barely in the same location for a scene. The best HIMYM episodes play off the gang as a whole. The various stories today were so scattered that they honestly could have been in separate episodes.

Twists and Turns

Robin is now dating her therapist.

Marshall's boss is super creepy.

Nora is not 37, she just didn't see the Star Wars movies until she was an adult.


Is Barney looking for a reason to break up with Nora? Seriously, though, their relationship is silly and needs to end sooner rather than later. They're not even addressing any real aspects of their relationship. What do they even do together, other than occasionally see each other at the bar and kiss?

Ted's growing a bit of a beard, and it looks okay!

The guest starts are nice, but they really take away from the gang's main interactions with each other. Between Nora, Kevin, and Marshall's boss, our main guys barely said two words to each other. I want interactions between our people, not the guests.

I almost forgot to mention Barney was still wearing the ducky tie throughout the episode. In the flashback to "a few weeks earlier," though, he was not. I guess that means not much time has passed overall this season.


While this one was better than some of the others this season, I think the poorly-written relationships for Barney and Robin respectively, along with the multitude of guest stars, are really bringing the episodes down. The best ones this season have been the first and third, where it was just the gang being the gang. Hopefully the guest stars will run their course, and we can get back to what makes the show so great.

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