Monday, October 3, 2011

How I Met Your Mother 7.04 - The Stinson Missile Crisis

How I Met Your Mother 7.04 - The Stinson Missile Crisis

Brief Summary

Robin is in court-mandated therapy for assaulting a woman, and she tells her therapist the story of what led up to that event. Barney is being super sweet to Nora, while Ted is getting too involved in Marshall and Lily's pregnancy. When Nora goes out of town, Robin agrees to help Barney get rid of all his womanizing stuff, while Ted signs Marshall and Lily up for a birthing class.

What I Liked

Ted. His dorky, know-it-all, automatically inserting himself into Marshall and Lily's lives is embarrassing and hilarious. Although I think Marshall and Ted should have definitely left the birthing class when Lily didn't show up, Ted's, "When do I get to be the woman?" was great.

Robin. Her entire narration of the story was great, and I loved the various reactions she has to the events as they play out. Her screaming at her co-worker, and crying under the table were both sad and funny. I loved her suggestion to play laser tag and get drunk to Barney, but as per usual, Nora comes in and spoils the moment. This is becoming a regular thing for her, isn't it?

What I Didn't Like

Nora. Her relationship with Barney still isn't believable, and the scene at the restaurant at the end was so syrupy-sweet it was ridiculous. I'm dearly hoping that since the story is being told from Robin's perspective, the dialogue there is only what she imagines it would have been, and not what actually occurred. They try to make up for syrupy-sweet Barney by putting in all his plays from the past, but it doesn't really balance out. The only other consolation is that he's never actually had time to react to any of Robin's proposals - he's always interrupted.

Twists and Turns

Nothing too twisty, although we do get a glimpse of Lily's delivery, and Marshall seems to be missing.


Is the scene in the future with Marshall and Barney at the casino coinciding with Lily's delivery, or are we just supposed to think that for now?

Barney is still wearing the ducky tie.

We always knew Marshall and Lily wore matching costumes for Halloween, but we never knew Ted was always trying to be the third wheel!


There was a lot to like in this episode. Robin's pain at having to watch Barney be happy with Nora while she's really in love with him, and Ted's general dorkiness. But the Barney/Nora thing just isn't resonating with me. We aren't given any reason to like her, or to root for her. Obviously we want Robin to be with Barney, but they are making it extremely difficult to even care about Barney/Nora, especially since Barney is oddly out of character around her. I liked the therapist, though, and would be interested to see what he might think about the group should he ever meet them. (His comment about Ted needing therapy was great.)

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