Thursday, October 13, 2011

Castle 4.04

Castle 4.04

Brief Summary

Ryan's missing gun turns up as the murder weapon in a killing of a young girl. Distraught about letting the gun get stolen, he works with Beckett to get to the bottom of the mystery, which they hope will lead them to the person who originally stole his weapon.

What I Liked

Although I never saw the original episode where Ryan's gun was stolen, it was nice to get to see Ryan in more of the spotlight. He and Espisito are often the guys who do the boring work, and only return to tell Castle and Beckett what they've discovered.

I'm also glad Alexis is doing something about getting herself into college, and not moping anymore.

What I Didn't Like

Nothing wrong with this episode, it was fine. Castle was in much more of a supporting role than usual, but it wasn't a bad change-up.

Twists and Turns

Typical murder mystery turns in the case. Castle tells Beckett they should not make a deal with the killer in order to get information on the one who originally stole Ryan's gun, knowing the information would be false.


This episode was a little more serious, but still good. I liked it.


A good episode. Nice to see some more of Ryan.

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