Thursday, October 6, 2011

Castle 4.03

Castle 4.03

Brief Summary

Castle and Beckett try to track down a body when their crime scene only consists of a huge splatter of blood. They stumble upon a cryogenic presevation lab, where the body of their victim is being kept for future revival. It's a fight to try to get the body into police custody, and the case gets weirder around ever turn. Meanwhile, Alexis is upset when she is rejected from Standford.

What I Liked

The story was interesting, albiet weird. And although they're being a smidge heavy-handed with the hints at Castle/Beckett eventually getting together, I enjoy it.

What I Didn't Like

I could completely understand Alexis falling apart after being rejected from the college, but I much prefer her when she's confident and sure of herself. At least it seemed to be less about Ashley and more about her own desire to prove herself. I also want to like the new boss, but she's so rough around the edges that it's tough. I also almost laugh everytime Beckett calls her "sir." It's possible to be respected and called "ma'am," you know!

Twists and Turns

The twist at the end wasn't really all that twisty - the wife committing suicide. It made perfect sense given her own motives for killing her husband.


The drama and intrigue set up in the first episode have been placed on the back-burner, and I'm not too sad. I prefer the lighter, mystery-of-the-week episodes.

I'm also starting to get a better feel for the secondary characters. Ryan is apparently engaged (not sure I've ever seen his fiancee) and Espisito is presumably involved with Laney, the autopsy woman. This is probably like "no duh!" material to long-time viewers, but since I didn't really see much of the first or second season, I'm just picking it up as I go along!


Good installment.

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