Friday, October 14, 2011

The Big Bang Theory 5.05 - The Russian Rocket Reaction

The Big Bang Theory 5.05 - The Russian Rocket Reaction

Brief Summary

Sheldon and Leonard are invited to a party at Wil Wheaton's, which Leonard plans on attending. Sheldon plans on essentially de-friending Leonard if he does attend. Meanwhile, Howard tells everyone about an opportunity for him to go up in space on a Russian rocket, and Bernadette does not take the news well.

What I Liked

As usual, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette were great. I loved their conversation in Penny's apartment.

Sheldon finally getting his signed figure from Wil Wheaton was cute, but then immediately ruined by Data (can't remember the actor's name!), who has now become the new "mortal enemy."

Sheldon pulling out a floppy disc drive to access his list was hilarious.

What I Didn't Like

Howard and Bernadette are cute together, but I'm generally not as into stories involving the two of them. I love Bernadette, but I feel like their storylines just get a little slow and repetitive. Also, I'd love to see them actually address some future plans. I notice they're still just living at his mother's place!

Twists and Turns

Howard's mom puts the kabosh on his going up into space.

Wil Wheaton is actually a nice guy.


No mention of Priya tonight. I wonder when Leonard is going to break up with her?


Solid episode.

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