Monday, September 26, 2011

Young Justice 1.11 - Terrors

Young Justice 1.11 - Terrors

Brief Summary

Superboy and Miss Martian go undercover as twin criminals at a high-security prison for supervillains to investigate why all the ice baddies seem to want to be sent there. They uncover a plot for a jailwide break, and are forced to act to stop it from happening.

What I Liked

Although I feel like it's overexposed, Superboy and Miss Martian's friendship/romance is cute. Miss Martian takes the opportunity while they're at the therapy/pschoanalysis session with Hugo Strange to bring up Superboy's "dad" issues, under the guise that she's talking about "their" father. (Since they're playing the role of the twins.) Their kiss at the end of the episode is cute, if not a little odd given the circumstances. (The reaction from Icicle Jr. is hilarious. "That's your sister!")

What I Didn't Like

No Robin, again. Also, maybe I'm just dense, but it still looked like Superboy and Miss Martian were stuck in the prison at the end, unless Aqualad and Red Tornado had a good idea to bust them out.

Twists and Turns

Hugo Strange has taken over the prison, presumably, and was in on the jailbreak the whole time. I know him from Batman lore, so I'm curious to see what his master plan might be.

The Riddler somehow escaped in the chaos.


Maybe it's because I'm most familiar with Bat-villians, but I feel like there were a lot of them mentioned or appearing in this episode. Hugo Strange, The Riddler, and Mr. Freeze all appeared, and the Joker was mentioned.


A solid episode, but I just wish there would be more episodes with the whole team, or at least spread out the coverage of characters a little better. Superboy and Miss Martian already had a sideplot in last week's episode, and Artemis, Kid Flash, and Robin have been MIA for 2 episodes in a row now. Next week seems to feature Robin and Artemis, though, so I'm sure everyone will get a chance to star as the weeks go on.

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