Saturday, September 17, 2011

Young Justice 1.10 - Targets

Young Justice 1.10 - Targets

Brief Summary

Red Arrow is trailing the assassin Cheshire, who is targeting Lex Luthor, who has been hired to negotiate two sides of a warring nation. Red Arrow is reluctant to call in backup, but ends up enlisting the help of Aqualad when he gets in over his head. Meanwhile, Megan and Superboy (who takes the Earth name Conner Kent) tackle their first day at school. Megan joins the cheerleaders, and Conner tries to keep his temper (and superpowers) in check.

What I Liked

Red Arrow has quickly become a second favorite of mine on this show, and he is pretty damn cool in this episode. Also, the ending seems to indicate we might be seeing him around the rest of the Young Justice gang a little more frequently. I also am glad Superboy/Conner finally has his name, and I like that he overlooks the fact that his last name is the same as Superman's. I wish he'd mellow out a little bit more, but it looks like he's on his way.

What I Didn't Like

It was a pretty solid episode, there wasn't much I disliked. Megan is still somewhat over the top, and her inevitable romance with Superboy is pretty front and center. I was a little surprised that again, Robin was missing, as well as Kid Flash and Artemis. But Red Arrow was around, so I suppose it all balances out.

Twists and Turns

Lex Luthor is in cahoots with Raj al Ghul, who is involved with the League of Shadows. So the entire battle/assassination attempt was staged so they could profit from the agreement between the two factions.


There are a lot of call-outs to various comic book and old cartoon stuff. Cheshire's comments to Red Arrow about it only being their "third date," Marvin and Wendy as classmates at Megan and Conner's school, and I'm sure there were other students who are references to characters that I'm not aware of.

Also, I feel like the constant talk of there being a mole on the Young Justice team is leading us to believe that Artemis is a spy. After all, Red Arrow did confront Artemis about not being totally honest with the others in a previous episode. That seems way too obvious, though, so I assume there's more to this than we are aware of right now.


I enjoyed it. I would prefer Robin to actually be in more of these episodes, but it was still pretty good. I think the only episode I haven't liked so far was the one about the magician. Next week looks like another episode about Conner and Megan, though, so we'll see.

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