Friday, September 30, 2011

Vampire Diaries 3.03 - The End of an Affair

Vampire Diaries 3.03 - The End of an Affair

Brief Summary

Klaus takes Stefan to Chicago in an attempt to get him to remember some of his bloodiest days from back in the 1920's. We see flashbacks to the 20's, where Stefan had befriended another vampire, Rebecca. Damon gets a tip-off from Kathrine about their whereabouts, so he and Elena take a road trip up to the windy city to see if they can talk Stefan into coming home. Meanwhile, Caroline is being tortured by her dad, who is trying to condition her into associating her cravings for blood with pain.

What I Liked

The flashbacks to the 20's were fun. I liked Rebecca, and think she's going to be an interesting addition to the cast. Damon was witty, as usual.

What I Didn't Like

Caroline's dad torturing her was tough to watch.

Damon leaving Elena in the apartment was such an obviously bad idea I called it as soon as he suggested it!

Twists and Turns

Rebecca is an original, Klaus' sister, and the two of them both knew Stefan back in the 20's. Stefan had forgotten this due to Klaus' compulsion.

Katherine is trailing Klaus and Stefan for some reason.

Stefan essentially tells Elena that he doesn't want to be with her anymore, and that she should beat it.

Elena's necklace actually belonged to Rebecca at one point, and is essential to figuring out what is wrong with Klaus' hybrid situation.

Katherine was also trailing Stefan back in the 20's.


No Matt, Jeremy, Bonnie, or Alaric this week. Tyler getting the sheriff's help to rescue Caroline was great, but I do feel bad for Caroline, whose dad, the parent she really admired, had turned on her so much. Damon continues to be nothing but supportive of Elena's quest to bring Stefan back, but I wonder what he will think past this week's events. And even though Katherine is a manupulative bitch (couldn't find a better word!), and I certainly don't want Damon to fall for her again, their banter is amusing. I'd also love to see more 20's flashbacks, including what Katherine and Damon were up to at this point.


Not sure where they're going with all this, but it will certainly be interesting to see. Will Elena try to move on from Stefan, or will she stay hung up over him? And with Stefan's memories returned of Rebecca, will he fall for her again? Stefan has got to get that necklace back from Elena, too, but if he spills the beans about Elena being alive, she's got bigger problems on her hands. Pretty good episode, overall! Lots of reveals, and plenty to think about.

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