Friday, September 23, 2011

Vampire Diaries 3.02 - The Hybrid

Vampire Diaries 3.02 - The Hybrid

Brief Summary

Klaus and Stefan use Ray, the werewolf, to find his pack. Klaus then preceeds to try to turn all the werewolves into vampire-werewolf hybrids. Meanwhile, Elena gets the location of the pack from Tyler, and she, Alaric, and Damon head off into the Tenesee mountains to find Stefan. Tyler's mom calls in an unknown person to "take care of" vampire Caroline, and Jeremy tries to convince Matt to help him contact Vickie.

What I Liked

The Alarcic, Damon, and Elena road trip was fun. Elena and Damon bickering, and Alaric trying to keep the peace. I'm also glad the Alaric decided to move back in with Elena and Jeremy. He really is the closest thing to a parental figure right now, and maybe being responsible for them will help him deal with his own problems.

I really don't care for Bonnie, so I didn't miss her a bit, as she was notably absent this week. Can she stay out of town for a few more episodes?

What I Didn't Like

Nothing I really disliked here. It was a pretty solid episode.

Twists and Turns

Klaus can't turn werewolves into hybrids right now because he hasn't completed all three tasks: he still needs to kill the doppleganger. He thinks he already did that, of course.

Turns out whoever Mrs Lockwood kept calling to deal with Caroline was actually Caroline's dad(?!)

Anna appears to Jeremy and tells him not to trust Vickie ... just after Vickie says there is a way for her to come back.


Hopefully Mrs Lockwood is now on-board with the supernatural after seeing Tyler's transformation first-hand.

Damon is being remarkably straightforward with Elena regarding Stefan. He's not pretending, he's giving her all the facts, including the fact that he thinks Stefan can still be saved. However, he presses her to admit she cares about him, too, just so she won't forget it when Stefan comes back.


Good episode! Leaves us wanting more. Can't wait for next week!

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