Monday, September 26, 2011

How I Met Your Mother 7.03 - The Ducky Tie

How I Met Your Mother 7.03 - The Ducky Tie

Brief Summary

Ted tells the story of how he reconnected with Victoria after seeing her at the architect's ball while the gang eat out at a hibachi place. Barney, Marshall and Lily make a bet with the stakes being Barney touching Lily's boobs or having to wear Marshall's ducky tie for a year.

What I Liked

Although the opening scene where the gang tries to guess who Ted reconnected with was seriously cut short (the preview clip had the gang go through 37 guesses), it was still pretty funny. I also enjoyed Robin's version of Ted's encounter with Victoria, and generally the entire storyline of Ted's night with Victoria. The random flash to Barney having a jump house full of girls while presumably apartment-sitting for Marshall and Lily was also hilarious.

What I Didn't Like

The bet actually didn't do much for me, but it wasn't bad. I was really surprised that Victoria and Ted actually kissed, whereas I assumed they'd just recreate their "almost kiss" from 6 years ago. I did hate Robin's shirt, though! It was horrible.

Twists and Turns

Victoria is getting married to a guy she met while she was in Germany.

Barney loses the bet, and presumably has to wear the ducky tie for a year.

After Victoria points out how weird it is for Ted, Barney, and Robin to still hang out and be friends, and that it just doesn't work, Future Ted ominously agrees and mentions that it "didn't work."


While I doubt Barney will be made to wear the ducky tie for a whole year, I do wonder how long they'll actually make him wear it.

I'm very confused by Future Ted's statements about how Barney, Robin, and Ted's friendship didn't work. Barney and Robin are referred to as "aunt" and "uncle" respectively in the future, so clearly everything works out okay friendship-wise. I'm wondering if maybe this has more to do with Robin being unable to hang out with Barney due to her feelings for him while he's dating Nora, and Ted subconsciously waiting around for he and Robin to turn 40 and make good on their "40 deal" and thus not putting his all into any relationship. To me, this also seems to be more evidence of Robin being the bride: if she and Barney get married, that means she'll be off the table and Ted will finally have to let her go for good.


I liked it better than the last week's second episode, but I didn't love it. The bet was a little hollow, and even though it is laughable to see Barney in the ducky tie, I for one really don't want him to wear it for a whole year, haha. I thought the Victoria story was well-done and the episode got really intriguing at the end. I'm very curious where this is all heading.

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