Monday, September 19, 2011

How I Met Your Mother 7.01 - The Best Man

How I Met Your Mother 7.01 - The Best Man

Brief Summary

The gang head to Cleveland to attend Punchy's wedding in the present, while in the future we see Barney and Ted having a talk on Barney's wedding day. Robin's clearly still into Barney, but Barney seems to be serious about going after Nora. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily try to keep their pregnancy on the down-low, and Ted is disappointed in his own love life.

What I Liked

Ted's many internet videos of melting down at various wedding toasts. I was literally slapping my knees I was laughing so hard. I loved the callbacks to various low-points in his life, all of which were coincidentally during the 4th Season.

Barney and Robin's dance. It was so flirty and fun!

The after-the-dance, Robin "helping" Barney come up with the words to say to Nora, when really she's spilling her own feelings. Heartbreaking and sweet.

Ted and Robin's chat outside the wedding.

Barney and Ted talking in the future at Barney's wedding. I love Barney and Ted's friendship, and it comes through really well in that scene. Barney's analogies about ties was funny, and brought to mind his analogy about suits when he was first trying to win over Robin.

What I Didn't Like

As a fan of Barney and Robin, Nora calling Barney right after his awesome dance with Robin was definitely a boo-ed moment at my place.

Twists and Turns (and hints!)

At the end of the scene at Barney's wedding, Lily tells Ted the bride wants to see him. A definite hint at Robin being the bride, especially given all the talk about chemistry and timing that were placed throughout the episode. I'm sure there will be red herrings all season to lead us away from this conclusion, but I'm also sure Robin will end up being the bride in the end. (Why would any other bride need to talk to Ted??)

Obviously Marshall and Lily can't keep their pregnancy a secret. But the way Marshall ruined Punchy's wedding was definitely unexpected! (Turns out Punchy and his wife were also keeping a secret on the down-low.)


Lily completely let Robin off the hook about her feelings for Barney. (Probably amidts Marshall's drunk confessions and, you know, starting a fight between the fathers-in-law.) I assume that's going to come back up again.

Barney didn't tell anyone he'd actually called Nora. I assume this is because he didn't want to admit she hadn't called him back.

Future Ted reintroduces us (and his children) to Nora. If Barney were really married to her in the future, certainly they wouldn't need any reminding.


Overall, I really liked the episode! I thought it was a strong premiere, and gives us a lot to look forward to this season. I just hope they don't drag out Barney and Robin's inevitable getting-back-together for too long. There are plenty of things that can be done with the two as a couple.

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