Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Castle 4.02

Castle 4.02

Brief Summary

A man is murdered by being sliced in half, and the murderer seems to be a masked superhero! Castle puts his comic book knowledge to good use in an attempt to track down this elusive character. Things get complicated when it seems like there are more than one of them, though.

What I Liked

I found the subject matter much more interesting than last week's, though it's probably because I'm into superheroes and comic books. Castle pulling out his comics, trying to piece together the backstory of the superhero, and the visit to the comic book store were all really fun. Of course Beckett would be Electra, and Castle would be Bruce Wayne, haha. (Though, personally I think he's more of an Iron Man.)

What I Didn't Like

What happened to Alexis?? I know she's a teenage girl who thinks she knows everything, but she's usually so calm and level-headed that her decisions to take only the classes that her boyfriend was taking at college seemed beyond stupid. The end declaration that she wants to move in with Ashley was also pretty out-there for her. She's such an good kid (emphasis on the kid part - she's got to be like 17, since she's supposed to still be in high school) that it seems odd that she'd even suggest that. I'm guessing it must be the "we're so in love!" blindness, but it's a little hard to watch.

Twists and Turns

Lots of false starts on the indentity of the superhero. The best twist for me was when the actual Lone Vengance (who was not the killer) turned out to be a female cop, who did, in fact, have a vendetta because of the death of her father, as Castle pieced together in his "backstory" discussion.

I guess Alexis wanting to move in with her boyfriend was a bit of a twist.


Comments about Alexis aside, this was a good episode. The parallels to Castle/Beckett were obvious as the comic writer and the cop were kissing in the elevator.

I think the reactions of the new female boss to Castle's methods would be funnier if she was more likable. She's kind of a jerk. (Trying to avoid profanity on this blog. I had a better word in mind, haha.)


Much more fun to watch. I approve!

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