Monday, September 26, 2011

Castle 4.01 - Rise

Castle 4.01 - Rise

Brief Summary

Beckett recovers from her gunshot, of which she says she does not remember anything. Castle doesn't hear from her for months since she claims she "needs some time." When she returns to the station, she finds out there's a new (female) chief in town, and Castle no longer hangs around the precinct. Beckett is fired up to investigate her own shooting, and is forced to bring Castle back as he has intell that the guys at the precinct don't, since the chief is not interested in pursuing the case.

What I Liked

I honestly wasn't crazy about the episode.

What I Didn't Like

There's a three month time jump to allow Beckett time to recover, and in that time she doesn't contact Castle at all? She also lies about hearing his declaration of love for her, and is hellbent on continuing investigation into her mom's murder. At the end of the episode she agrees to put it aside for now, but then we see Castle is investigating on his own. I'm a little bored with the whole case of her mother's murder, honestly. I feel like there needs to be additional subplots or something that doesn't relate to that.

Twists and Turns

Beckett actually did remember all the events from the shooting.

Castle is going to continue investigating on his own.


I know the will-they/won't-they tease is the bread and butter of this type of show, but I haven't even seen all the episodes and I already feel like it's dragged out too long. Hopefully there will be some actual progress in that field sometime this season, especially given that Beckett knows how Castle feels.


Not impressed. I never like the super serious episodes of Castle, and actually just prefer the random weekly mysteries. Also, the dragging out of the romance is a little tiring, as is Beckett's obsession with solving this case.

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