Monday, September 26, 2011

The Big Bang Theory 7.02 - The Infestation Hypothesis

The Big Bang Theory 7.02 - The Infestation Hypothesis

Brief Summary

Penny gets a great new chair, but when Sheldon finds out she got it off the street, he freaks out about what kind of germs and bugs it could contain. He tries to use Amy to get Penny to get rid of it, but Amy is worried that Penny will cut off her friendship with her. Meanwhile, Leonard is trying to keep the romance with Priya alive via webcam chats, since she is now back in India.

What I Liked

The whole chair storyline with Amy, Penny, and Sheldon was funny. The kicker at the end when Raj and Howard decide to take it back upstairs was great. Leonard and Priya was less funny, but I laughed when Sheldon was giving Leonard advice on how to get the webchat to unfreeze, and then yelling at them that he was trying to stream a Netflix movie.

What I Disliked

Nothing, again, it was pretty solid.

Twists and Turns

Nothing that will carry over to the next episode, I'm sure. The chair actually did have a critter in it, and Raj and Howard looked to be taking it back upstairs.


I don't think Bernadette was in this episode. Since Amy is my favorite, though, I'm glad she was in both of these new episodes, and appears to be in the next, too. Her friendship with Penny is just as fun to watch as her oddball interactions with Sheldon.


Again, pretty solid. I don't expect a whole lot from The Big Bang Theory, and it's never quite as funny as I think it thinks it is, but it's always good for a chuckle.

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